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Me, my husband and OCD

Marriage is Hard! I feel like no one really let me in on that secret before I got married. Or if they did,  I was too busy imagining what the flower girls dress would look like, to listen to them. 

I've been Married to my husband almost 5 and a half years now, and have known each other for about 7 years. We met on an online dating site. He was 28, I was 19. He was funny and cute, and actually had manners. We got along and had a great time dating. 
Before we got married I noticed some subtle signs of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder in my husband. I just thought he was quirky.  After marriage his OCD progressed, causing us to have a big strain on our marriage. I didn't know he had OCD before we got married,  and he didn't either. I was the one searching online one day trying to find out why he gets so angry when I do certain things he deems as "unclean". 
Just so you know,  I'm very conscious of my hygiene, and habits. I get disgusted easily by some things,  but …

How to Beat Those Birthay Blues

Yesterday was my 26th birthday. For the last month, I've been ignoring the fact my birthday was coming up. 
I don't know why really. maybe it's just the fact I'm getting older that depresses me,  or that another year in my 20's has gone and I feel like I haven't done enough. 
It's perfectly normal to be depressed about another birthday coming up. People who get Birthday blues are usually those who suffer from Depression,  Anxiety, other mental illness,  or those who are introverts. 
So I'm going to talk about how you can avoid the birthday blues,  or at least still enjoy your day even if you're not happy about getting older!
1. Let Yourself Feel Special
Weather your near family and friends or not,  make sure to feel special. I mean your Birthday is the day you were born! You have come into existence! You have changed the world by being here. Even if you don't think you have done anything big with your life. You are still here,  still alive,  and …

How to Boost your Self Confidence

I was walking my dogs around my neighborhood yesterday and every time I would walk past someone, I'd analyze how I was walking.  making sure I wasn't walking funny,  or doing something weird that someone might look at and judge me for.   Then I started thinking,  is there really a right way to walk? Why should I be so concerned about what these people see anyway?  The chattering thoughts in our heads tell us that people are constantly looking at us, constantly judging us for every move we make.  Do I notice people walking their dogs when I'm outside? Sometimes, but do I evaluate them on what they are doing with their hands, or how they walk.. usually not, unless they are trying to do something that doesn't look right.. which doesn't happen very often. 
Everyone deals with being self-conscious. I believe self-consciousness can be a good or bad thing depending on what you do with it. It's people with mental disorders such as anxiety,  and depression that get the…

Apps I use to make money!

Did you know that fights about money are the second leading cause for divorce? That is such a crazy thing to me that a material good that we created is causing us to fight and divorce. I am lucky enough to be a stay at home mom. I've constantly searched out ways to make money while staying home, so my husband doesn't have all that weight on his shoulders. Of course, if you have looked for work at home jobs that allow you to still watch your kids,  you will realize there are very few jobs like that. So I've resorted to any other way I can save our family some money. 
In the 4 years that I've been a stay at home mom, I've tried out many apps that pay you money,  or give you rewards for using apps. I've found a few that I can trust so far. Its been really nice to have a few different apps I use to put a good amount of money toward Christmas or birthday gifts, or even groceries. 
Here I have a list of a few apps I have consistently used, and that have some great r…

Don't Let Clutter Take Over

As a person... living in a house. I have quite a bit of clutter. Unless you jumped on the Minimalism bandwagon, you probably have clutter in your home, car,  or at your office. 
 There are a few ways that clutter can cause you stress and unhappiness in your life.  How can this mess affect your life?
1. Embarrassment:
I hate when there is a mess when people come to my house. I always like a heads up from people coming to visit so I have time to hide all the crap sitting on my kitchen table.  But usually, I don't get that heads up,  which means people come in and see kids toys everywhere, junk mail sitting on the counter,  and at least 3 unfinished craft projects on my kitchen table. I find it embarrassing which gives me anxiety. I just sit there and can't focus on my guests because I'm thinking about how people are looking at how messy I live. I know people that just aren't phased by the clutter in their home so it doesn't cause any embarrassment for them, and I find…

My review of The Mindfulness Playbook

Reading self-help books is not really my thing.. or at least it wasn't. I never got the reason why people would read them and think it changed their life. 
I gave into reading one when I was at my lowest point with my anxiety and depression. All I had was negative thoughts running through my head all the time.   I didn't even notice that I was in such a negative state of mind until I picked up my first self-help book.

The Mindfulness Playbook

I'm all about the mind. Brain function and thoughts of people are so interesting to me. I love observing people's personalities and figure out their reasoning for doing things. This book is all about the brain.

Dr. Barbara Mariposa is the author of this book. She is able to explain what part of the brain functions in certain ways,  and she does it so someone with not much knowledge of the brain can still completely understand. She kind of points out the obvious on a lot of things, but I needed that to see where I was going wrong.  …

Stop Preventing Yourself from Living in the Now

It's been proven that most people who have depression are "past thinkers". That means they have nostalgic thoughts about all the good stuff they used to have or all the fun they did in the past. For those that have depression,  the nostalgic thoughts can cause you to be sad about those thoughts because you feel like the present isn't as good as it was back then.    These same people are usually the ones that have had a bad event happen in their life that may have started their depression. The problem with being a "past thinker" is that you can't do anything about the past anymore. You can't travel back in time to change anything. But there is always something you can do now to leave the past behind you. 

There are three steps to follow to start living in the now. 
Usually, people who are living in the past are those who need to focus on Forgiveness.  Forgive those that have done you wrong. I live in the past often. It's really hard …