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Did you know that fights about money are the second leading reason for divorce? That is such a crazy thing to me that a material good that we created is causing us to fight and divorce.
I am lucky enough to be a stay at home mom. I've constantly searched out ways to make money while staying home, so my husband doesn't have all that weight on his shoulders. Of course, if you have looked for at home jobs that allow you to still watch your kids,  you will realize there are very few jobs like that. So I've resorted to any other way I can save our family some money. 

In the 4 years, I've been a stay at home mom, I've tried out many apps that pay you money,  or give you rewards for using the apps. I've found a few that I can trust so far. Its been really nice to have a few different apps I use to put a good amount of money toward Christmas or birthday gifts, or even groceries. 

Here I have a list of a few apps I have consistently used, and that have some great rewards. 

This is a fun app to have. It works with Android and iOS phones. It's a game where you earn rolls by watching videos and taking surveys, you use the rolls to earn tickets. The tickets you accumulate can be used to get Amazon products. 
The downside is it doesn't always have everything Amazon has.  But gift cards are redeemable with your tickets so you can get amazon gift cards to buy whatever they may not have with the app. 
If you decide to try this app out,  use my referral code and you will get 30 rolls to start! 
Referal code: 513485

I really love this grocery app. You can make good money from this one if you often buy name brand products from the grocery store.
They have lots of grocery stores they use like Smiths, Walmart, Sprouts, Sam's club etc.
You make your grocery list,  and before going shopping, look at the Ibotta app and it will tell you what products you can earn money back after buying. After you grocery shop, it has you take a picture with your phone, of receipt and the product you bought. Once it verified that you bought that product, you get some money back. Once it adds up,  you can get gift cards and put them on your next shopping trip. They also have Amazon and some clothes shopping places that you can get money back. I highly suggest you check it out! 
Use my referral code if you decide to sign up! 
Referal code: hvokosm

This one I'm a little newer to but I just used some points for a $5 gift card. 
This app gives you 10 points a day for unlocking your phone. You can also watch videos to earn more points. 
It took me about a week to get used to it but once you get used to it, you won't even notice it anymore. It runs ads on your lock screen as soon as you push a button to turn the screen on. You unlock your phone and use it as normal. You don't have to even really look at the ads at all. 
If you choose to download the S'more app,  use my referral code and you will get 25 points to start!
Referral code: SHNGQU

These are the only ones right now that I'm using and it's paid for a good Christmas for my hubby and kids last year,  and I'm planning on using my earnings for Christmas again this year!
If you sign up for these now, you will definitely have some extra money for your Christmas as well!

Don't let money become a fight in your home, always budget and live below your means so you can enjoy the other things that life has to offer you. 

If you are using any other money making apps,  let us know what they are and drop your referral code so we can sign up too!


  1. I never shop without using my Ibotta app! I also use Ebates for my online shopping. Between the two of them, I earn back quite a bit of money throughout the year!

    1. I haven't gotten into Ebates but I hear great things

  2. Thanks for sharing! I love Ibotta. I also use Ebates and Dosh. Sounds like you might also like Inbox Dollars and Swagbucks.

  3. I use Ibotta and absolutely love it! But i'll have to check out the Smore app! That looks like something I could use!

    1. It's a good app. If you end up using it, use mmy code!

  4. Everything in the post is new to me. I would definitely like to try one.


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