My review of The Mindfulness Playbook

Reading self-help books is not really my thing.. or at least it wasn't. I never got the reason why people would read them and think it changed their life. 
I gave into reading one when I was at my lowest point with my anxiety and depression. All I had was negative thoughts running through my head all the time.   I didn't even notice that I was in such a negative state of mind until I picked up my first self-help book.

I'm all about the mind. Brain function and thoughts of people are so interesting to me. I love observing people's personalities and figure out their reasoning for doing things. This book is all about the brain.

Dr. Barbara Mariposa is the author of this book. She is able to explain what part of the brain functions in certain ways,  and she does it so someone with not much knowledge of the brain can still completely understand. She kind of points out the obvious on a lot of things, but I needed that to see where I was going wrong. 
Sometimes you don't notice the obvious until someone comes out and says it. 

My favorite thing about this book is the goals she sets out for her readers. It helped me open my eyes to how negative my thoughts were and how detrimental it was to everything about me. Before reading this book,  I constantly felt that I was a terrible mother for wanting to be my own person sometimes. I took on the role as mother and threw away pretty much everything about me because I didn't have time for me anymore.. but the goals I worked on from this book helped me relax more,  opened my eyes to my emotions so I could get in control of them,  and ultimately helped me get back to who I was again.

I could praise this book all day long,  but I'll cut it short and just say this.. if your having a hard time right now, whether it be from mental illness,  or just having a bad week,  this book will help you learn to control your emotions and feel like a whole new person. I highly recommend it. 

My next book to review is Robin by David Itzkoff.

I am a huge Robin Williams fan so I loved reading this book. Check out my Review on Robin.

After that, I plan to read 
  1. Face Your Fears: A Proven Plan to Beat Anxiety, Panic, Phobias, and Obsessions (David Tolin, Ph.D., John Wiley & Sons, 2012. This can be an especially helpful book for someone suffering from multiple types of anxiety problems (including disorders like social phobia and OCD). Its main focus is on the importance of facing fears, rather than avoiding them. 
I'm choosing this book next because my husband has severe OCD and I try to do all I can to help him and understand things he goes through a little better. And I always like to find ways to keep my anxiety in check.

I'd love to have you read the same books and give me your opinion on them as well!

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  1. This book sounds like it was so helpful to you. It is wonderful when you can find a book to help you change your mindset. For me it was 'Excuse me your life is waiting'. Like you I didn't like self-help books, but this book made an impact. Can't wait to hear what you think of your next book.

  2. Mindfulness is so important to me. I definitely need to check this book out! I love Robin Williams as well.


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