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Road trip for the Obsessive

In a couple of days, my family and I are heading to Bear Lake which is on the Utah, Idaho border. 
We are going up with my husband's parents and siblings families.
I'm lucky I have good In-laws that I get along with. My kids love these trips because they get to have all their cousins to play with.
Going on vacation is a great escape for me. But the never-ending stress leading up to it makes it almost not worth going.  I've talked about my husband's OCD, and how it affects us in every aspect of our lives.. well vacations are no exception. 
The obsessions start once all the plans are finalized for the trip. He will bring it up constantly.  Checking to see if he has enough clothes to bring (he goes through about 3 outfits a day.  Id try to explain why, but I feel like that would be its own blog post entirely)
Then the weeks coming up,  it's the obsession of, "how are we going to fit everything I need. Do we need to buy bigger luggage?"
The days leading up t…

Review: Revlon Colorsilk hair dye

I was not sponsored to write this post. I will not be making any money for my opinions. There are affiliate links included,  if you choose to click and purchase through that affiliate link,  it will not cost you any extra money.  It will only give me a small commission of the sale.
I am kind of a cheap person... like I will avoid spending money as much as possible. I am also one who loves to have crazy colored hair or awesome hairstyles. So I try to find the best deal I can to get what I want.
 When I'm in between my 6 months of visiting my salon, I need to keep my hair looking as good as I can for cheap.  Last week I was in desperate need to touch up my roots... like it was getting pretty bad. I didn't have the money to visit my salon,  so I needed to find a cheap alternative. I came across Revlon Colorsilk. It was the cheapest option there. It cost $2.97. The other brands ranged from $6-12 so I was a little unsure whether I could get away with going so cheap on hair dye. Bu…

Grieving a loved one

In life, I think death is the hardest thing to deal with. It can knock us on our ass and make it feel almost impossible to get back up. But after time,  that impossible feeling fades away. 

I've lost a few people In my short life. My grandparents,  my older brother,  even an old friend.  My grandparents lived to be in their 80's, so they had a long life. I was able to invite my grandmother to my wedding which I was so grateful for. I loved my grandparents but I hardly knew them.  My biggest regret was not getting to know them before they passed away. 

My friend passed away in 2012. He died from drunk driving. He and his friend decided to go for a drive while extremely wasted. When a cop tried to pull them over,  he decided it would be best to outrun the cop.. which led to him crashing into a large tree going over 100 mph. They both died on impact.  I was mad that he chose to drive drunk,  and put his friend in danger along with him. It took me a while to forgive him for that.…

Things to do Before Summer Ends

This summer break has gone so fast. I can't believe for most kids, school starts this week! My kids are still young so my son in preschool doesn't start until September thankfully.. while I have just a little more time to enjoy summer with my kids, I have been thinking of a few things I can fit in to get the most out of our time.  I decided to list all of my favorite summer activities. That way others can enjoy the last little while of this nice weather by getting out and doing something fun with the family! 
Splash pads: my favorite place to go during the summer is the splash pad. It takes all the worry of my kids drowning off the table. I can walk around with them or just stand there and watch my kids splash and play. 

Family walks: my youngest has started avoiding her stroller, so she can walk everywhere... although it drives me crazy when she wants to walk by herself in parking lots, it's adorable when we go on family walks with our dogs. She likes to be my big helper a…

My Dream of Being a National Geographic Photographer

Not many know this about me, but I was born to be a photographer. When I was little I was obsessed with National Geographic's magazine. I always wanted to be the one to go scuba dive and get an incredible photo of a shark, or jellyfish. Or hike Mount Everest so I could have that amazing picture from on top of the world. That was my plan for a long time growing up. But as you may know,  dreams don't always come true. I had a school counselor in middle school that told me I shouldn't be a photographer because there is no money in it, and to try for something more "realistic". I hated that a school counselor who is supposed to help you get to where you want, pretty much tore down my dream.  In hindsight, I could have just ignored him and tried to go for it anyway. But instead,  I found reasons why I could never be a National Geographic photographer. 

One reason is that you have to be good at writing articles! I convinced myself I could never be a good enough writer…

Forgetfulness can be a great motivator

Have you ever tried to self-diagnose yourself online?
That is pretty much all I ever do. 
"My leg hurts,  it looks like I have a bruise on it. I should look it up to make sure that's all it is... oh my gosh I must have Peripheral Artery Disease because the internet says leg pain is a symptom!!!"
Yes,  that was an actual thought of mine because I'm kind of a hypochondriac. 
I have been extremely forgetful lately. I will be making dinner,  and I'll forget a major ingredient. Or I'll be in the middle of cleaning something, go to another room to grab a cleaner and come back and just start cleaning another area, not remembering that I haven't finished the previous spot.
 I constantly feel like I'm losing my mind. So of course,  to the internet, I go for answers. 
Most lists I've found were somewhat similar. 
Lack of sleep Eating bad foods Not enough Mental exercise Stress...
And antidepressants!
Such helpful tips.. but I'm a mom so the sleep thing…

How to Survive Your Loved one's OCD

Last week I wrote a blog post about my husband and how he has OCD.  I'm going to share more helpful information for those who might be in a similar situation. Just so everyone knows, my husband has given me permission to exploit anything about him as long as my blog makes money. so help me keep exploiting him by clicking on my ads!

Anyway,  every day is a new kind of struggle for me. I hate arguing, and being told how to do things.. and with an OCD husband, there is a lot of stupid arguments,  and being told I'm doing everything wrong. I'm a very stubborn person so if I'm told to do something by him,  I usually get really mad and tell him to "get over it, and do it himself". Which of course always starts a fight. I have been trying to work on how to make my life and my husband's life little more bearable with OCD getting in the way. Here are some things I've learned. 
Don't give in The worst thing you can do for someone with OCD helps them with th…