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Forgetfulness can be a great motivator

Have you ever tried to self-diagnose yourself online?
That is pretty much all I ever do. 

"My leg hurts,  it looks like I have a bruise on it. I should look it up to make sure that's all it is... oh my gosh I must have Peripheral Artery Disease because the internet says leg pain is a symptom!!!"
Yes,  that was an actual thought of mine because I'm kind of a hypochondriac. 

I have been extremely forgetful lately. I will be making dinner,  and I'll forget a major ingredient. Or I'll be in the middle of cleaning something, go to another room to grab a cleaner and come back and just start cleaning another area, not remembering that I haven't finished the previous spot.
 I constantly feel like I'm losing my mind. So of course,  to the internet, I go for answers. 

Most lists I've found were somewhat similar. 

Lack of sleep
Eating bad foods
Not enough Mental exercise
And antidepressants!

Such helpful tips.. but I'm a mom so the sleep thing is always a problem.

I try to eat well, avoid processed foods and get my veggies in, but maybe I'm not eating well enough..?

Mental exercise.
yeah changing diapers can be exercise, trying to figure out how to keep an almost 2-year-old to lay still so I can change her, figure out why there is poop on the floor when she is still wearing her diaper. And using the toy box like Tetris to get all the toys to fit when it's clean up time. Is that not enough mental stimulation?

Stress is probably my downfall. I get stressed very easily. If my house is even the least bit messy, I am stressed.. so I guess I can work on that to see if that helps.

I was pretty shocked to hear this is a side effect of taking antidepressants!
 I was put on antidepressants after I had my last child and I was having severe Postpartum depression. I guess you have to deal with some side effects if you're trying to fight depression and keep yourself

Anyway, my point here is I feel like I have these random problems that feel like they are almost impossible to solve. But I haven't really put the effort into trying to improve these aspects of my life.
Most people will read self-help articles on how to improve their life,  but they don't really put the effort into it to make things happen. Sometimes just reading about how to help yourself makes you feel better, but If you really want to improve your quality of life, you have to start immediately by implementing these suggestions and see what they do for you. Nothing is going to change if you just read the information. 

My memory used to be so great.  I loved being able to remember almost every conversation, like pointless fact I'd hear.
So I'm motivated to see if I can get back there again. I'm going to try to use all of these suggestions as a test.
I won't give up my antidepressants, but it would be interesting to see if that is what is causing my forgetfulness,  or if it's a combination of things.

As of right now, I'm going to put in my best effort with these tasks and see if I can be less forgetful.
I've put some effort in changing my diet a little more,  cutting out as much carbs and sugars as I can without hating everything I eat. And I've noticed my mind isn't as foggy feeling as it has been.  Next i just need to commit to working out daily to see if that helps.

Do you actually implement and stick with things you're trying to improve? How has it worked for you? Or are you like me. Read about it and not really do anything else to get your situation better?

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  1. I have felt your pain. I had serious head fog for years and interestingly enough it was after having post partum depression. I attribute mine to poor gut health and will be writing about the things I did to rebuild my gut in my blog - I wish you all the best!

  2. Very informative post. As my daughter suffers from the same things you have.

  3. Aw I'm sorry to hear that you're suffering from forgetfulness! I think Gingko Biloba extract is supposed to help too, but cut yourself some slack. You had a toddler which can fry anyone's brain quickly!

  4. I have always been forgetful, and sometimes it feels like it’s only getting worse �� and I am guilty of reading self-help articles without implementing the suggestions, and wonder why I’m not feeling/getting better haha!

  5. I'm part of the forgetful crew. I use to do lists and reminders on my cell to keep me on my toes.


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