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My Dream of Being a National Geographic Photographer

Not many know this about me, but I was born to be a photographer. When I was little I was obsessed with National Geographic's magazine. I always wanted to be the one to go scuba dive and get an incredible photo of a shark, or jellyfish. Or hike Mount Everest so I could have that amazing picture from on top of the world. That was my plan for a long time growing up. But as you may know,  dreams don't always come true. I had a school counselor in middle school that told me I shouldn't be a photographer because there is no money in it, and to try for something more "realistic". I hated that a school counselor who is supposed to help you get to where you want, pretty much tore down my dream. 
In hindsight, I could have just ignored him and tried to go for it anyway. But instead,  I found reasons why I could never be a National Geographic photographer. 

One reason is that you have to be good at writing articles! I convinced myself I could never be a good enough writer to be accepted. All photographers that work for National Geographic have to be good at writing.. and now look at me, writing an article about how I thought I could never write articles! 

I also knew nothing about photography. After high school, I decided that I still was interested in photography and maybe I could just pick it up as a small side business. So I bought this nice $600 camera and just decided to teach myself. I found that I am kind of good at it. I think of unique angles and feel like I have my own style.
I definitely could use more education towards the subject to get better,  but for being self-taught, I thought I did pretty good. I even started my own photography business for a little while. I made a little money. but you know,  everyone is a photographer now. In my home state of Utah, most women get into photography so it's really a saturated market. 

Now that I have kids,  and spend much of my time working with my husband's OCD, I don't have much time for my photography business. or have time to just go take photos really. But I still try here and there. 
I just joined Instagram,  which makes me feel like taking cool photos to post. So when I walk my dogs or have a moment outside with the kids,  I try to find something close by that I can get a good picture of. 

Anyway,  I'm hoping maybe one day I can jump back into it, get my skills up. Who knows, maybe I'll get the courage to get my photo into National Geographics!
After all,  I'm only 26. It's never too late to start living the life you want!


  1. Dream is the starting point of all achievements so good luck!

  2. We all have our childhood dreams which we want to pursue but due to some reasons, we can't. Glad to see you are doing photography as a side hobby. All the best!!

  3. You are never too old to pursue your dreams. I think you must work towards it. I am 34 years old and I started writing blogs about 2 months ago. All the best!

  4. Thanks for sharing this inspiring piece, enjoy reading it & definitely a great advice for all of us cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  5. Dreams make life...passion is worth following..yes whenever you get time from.your commitments..get going... beautiful writeup...moral boasting..

  6. I too once dreamnt of becoming a photographer for Nat Geo. LOL. I am so into photography, but I never took courses or never took the effort to learn more about it. I am just a point and shoot kindda photographer but hey it works well for me. What matters most to me now is that I have been to places I thought I would never be. Places I only saw in the magazine back when I was young. Thanks for posting this. Such a great read.

  7. The problem with many is that they think they are too old to pursue their dreams. But they do not know age don,t mean nothing. We need to wake up and sweat for it and see the wonders

  8. Never stop dreaming until you made and get it.

  9. Dreaming is the first step to success. And given your dedication hope success finds you soon. All the best and keep us posted!

  10. Being published in National Geographic is a great dream, I really hope you get there!

  11. When you dream, you build the wish to be! Best wishes!

  12. I agree, it's never too late for anything really. Just catch the right time and go for it.

  13. You are really talented! We can see that from your pictures! We are positive your dreams will come true

  14. Interesting! Did you eventually make it? Kindly update us.

  15. Awwwee! I support you in that dream from miles away right here. Just keep chasing that dream and savor the feeling of already having it and you will definitely have it. Don't stop dreaming!

  16. Yeah.. the NatGeo is such an exotic place to appease passion in photography and adventure..


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