Review: Revlon Colorsilk hair dye

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I am kind of a cheap person... like I will avoid spending money as much as possible. I am also one who loves to have crazy colored hair or awesome hairstyles. So I try to find the best deal I can to get what I want.

 When I'm in between my 6 months of visiting my salon, I need to keep my hair looking as good as I can for cheap. 
Last week I was in desperate need to touch up my roots... like it was getting pretty bad.
I didn't have the money to visit my salon,  so I needed to find a cheap alternative. I came across Revlon Colorsilk. It was the cheapest option there. It cost $2.97. The other brands ranged from $6-12 so I was a little unsure whether I could get away with going so cheap on hair dye. But I decided to try it. ( my cheap side can talk me into lots of crazy things!) 

When I started the process,  the instructions were easy and clear to understand,  it also came with two plastic gloves to use, and some after color conditioner.  I touched up my roots, which only used about half the product. 
I also wanted to get the rest of my hair to the pink color I wanted, and I had some high-quality salon dye for that.  I did it all at the same time. 

After waiting 25 minutes based on the instructions, I jumped in the shower to wash my hair. I used colder water to help the color stay in better.
The little pack of conditioner they give you was just ok. 
I have this colored hair shampoo and conditioner that I felt was better for my hair. 

I was very surprised at how well it turned out. I'm definitely no professional. I feel like for doing my own hair,  it turned out pretty great. Even after the first wash,  it still holds its color well. 


Overall, I think this hair dye is definitely worth trying out. It saved me lots of money and it seems to hold up just like the other more expensive hair dyes out there! 

I hope I've helped answer any questions you may have on this brand of hair dye. Please,  if you have any other questions, feel free to ask!


  1. Yes! I love how you save money but still find ways to spend it on the things you love. Awesome hair color! It really compliments you.

  2. I wish I could use this stuff, it would make my hair so much less expensive. But I 10000% do NOT trust myself, sooooo salon it is! LOL!

  3. Nice information...there are good products available in the market which individuals can use themselves at home..

  4. My mom uses these and she loves it!

  5. Revlon and Garnier are two products which I highly recommend. Because both are available in market and cost savvy and easy using.

  6. I have a post about this dye on my blog too! At home dyes are truly the best when it comes to looking fab while saving money. Love hownit turned out on you!

  7. Nice information! Thank you for writing about these products, and your experiences! Keep up the great work!
    Take care,
    Alex xx ||


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