Road trip for the Obsessive

In a couple of days, my family and I are heading to Bear Lake which is on the Utah, Idaho border. 
We are going up with my husband's parents and siblings families.
I'm lucky I have good In-laws that I get along with. My kids love these trips because they get to have all their cousins to play with.

Going on vacation is a great escape for me. But the never-ending stress leading up to it makes it almost not worth going. 
I've talked about my husband's OCD, and how it affects us in every aspect of our lives.. well vacations are no exception. 

The obsession started once all the plans are finalized for the trip. He will bring it up constantly.  Checking to see if he has enough clothes to bring (he goes through about 3 outfits a day.  Id try to explain why, but I feel like that would be its own blog post entirely)

Then the weeks coming up,  it's the obsession of, "how are we going to fit everything I need. Do we need to buy bigger luggage?"

The days leading up to it is him trying to plan in his head how we will load the car, and then getting frustrated because we barely have enough room for all of our things. Cough..his things.. cough.

All this time I just tune him out.  If I don't, my anxiety starts to flare up and makes me worry about all these things that don't matter until we actually get ready to go. 

To show you what this week has been like, I wanted to give a guide of how my OCD husband packs for a trip: 

Step 1: tell the wife to buy new cleaning supplies to bring on the trip (because the other cleaning supplies we have are dirty)

Step 2: leave all of it on the counter until the night before we leave.  (My house looks like we're hoarders)

Step 3: Make a game plan for time ar need to leave for the trip... then talk about it every hour for every day until the day of.  Just to make sure we're both on the same page of course. 

Step 4: Blame the wife for not buying an extra on top of car storage. Then buying the extra car storage 2 days before the trip so we have to pay an extra $10 on rush shipping..(the last time my hubby and I talked about buying car storage was last year after our last road trip. He said he would buy it.. but never did.)

Step 5: Tell wife what exactly she needs to pack (even though the wife has already thought of all these things and plans to fo that when we pack).

Step 6: Make sure to only do laundry the night before the trip so everything is ready to be packed.. which also means waiting until midnight for all clothes to be cleaned so he can pack... 

Step 7: Get mad at the wife for already being packed a few days in advance,  and keep her up as long as it takes to get packed. 

Step 8: Take an extra long time getting ready the morning of the trip, which means wife packs car up by herself because we're already 2 hours late from when we planned to leave ( see step 3).

Step 9: Be in a bad mood because everything felt too rushed this morning. 

Only 9 steps to getting on our trip. Right now I'm at step 5. Lots of exciting steps lay ahead. But once we're out of here, I know my family will have a great time.

What things do you and your partner argue about or get stressed about before a trip?


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