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Things to do Before Summer Ends

This summer break has gone so fast. I can't believe for most kids, school starts this week! My kids are still young so my son in preschool doesn't start until September thankfully.. while I have just a little more time to enjoy summer with my kids, I have been thinking of a few things I can fit in to get the most out of our time. 
I decided to list all of my favorite summer activities. That way others can enjoy the last little while of this nice weather by getting out and doing something fun with the family! 

Splash pads: my favorite place to go during the summer is the splash pad. It takes all the worry of my kids drowning off the table. I can walk around with them or just stand there and watch my kids splash and play. 

Family walks: my youngest has started avoiding her stroller, so she can walk everywhere... although it drives me crazy when she wants to walk by herself in parking lots, it's adorable when we go on family walks with our dogs. She likes to be my big helper and walk our dog all by herself. (Our dog is very well trained and knows not to pull when walking. But I always keep my eyes open just in case there is a loose dog that my dog might try to play with so she doesn't get hurt by walking him.)

Camping: This year we didn't get to go camping,  but we did go up the canyon for an evening recently when my parents and siblings went camping. It was so much fun to have a campfire and roast hot dogs,  and marshmallows. My kids got to see some cousins which are always fun for them. 
Other trips: not only did we not go camping,  but this summer we just didn't do any trips at all! We do have

Going to the park: the park is my kid's favorite place during the summer. I've been avoiding it the last month because it's been so hot out.  But finally, the weather is chilling down just enough that it makes going to the park bearable. It's also great that school is starting so all the older kids will be in school when we go play at the park! 

Free outdoor events: my husband and I are always on the lookout for free activities. Our community does a movie night in the park which is so fun to go to with the kid. I am trying to take advantage of those last few events they do before labor day. 

Swimming: my family hasn't done enough swimming this summer. Mostly because my husband hates to swim.. and it's hard for me to take two young kids by myself. But I'm determined to drag my husband to the pool at least one more time before it closes!

Sitting outside: I love sitting in my backyard on a summer evening. It's warm and my neighborhood is quiet
 It's just relaxing!

Volunteering: Last but not least, volunteering is a great thing to do any time of the year. 

If you find events to volunteer for during these warm months,  you get to enjoy being outside as well! I love volunteering with my dog rescue group. We just had an event called "Yappy Hour". Literally, everyone and their dogs were there. I got to hang out with my first dogs and talk to people who were interested in adopting. It was one of the first events I volunteered for, and it was actually pretty fun and a great change of pace. 

I only have this week and next to get some of these things on my list completed! I'm excited to have a jam-packed couple of weeks with my family. 

Leave a comment and tell me what you are doing to enjoy the last couple weeks of summer! 
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  1. There is a lot we can do as a enjoy the holidays...nice article... lovely suggestions

  2. We have a splash pad here and I bet my boys would enjoy it. I think I need to sit outside more also.


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