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Review: Robin by David Itzkoff

I chose to read this biography of Robin Williams because for some reason I've loved him my entire life. I used to watch Mrs. Doubtfire every day for years.. and Any movie he was in,  I would see. Hook, Flubber, What Dreams May Come, Dead Poets Society, Patch Adams. You name it, I've seen it. 

The book Robin by David Itzkoff starts out giving a full detail of what Robin went through in childhood. I enjoyed learning so much about his childhood and getting an idea of where his personality came from.  It goes through every stage of his life. With real-life stories from friends that he grew up with or knew from school. You will recognize some big names of Robin Williams circle of friends from school. 
Getting further into the book,  you start to see just how brilliant Robin truly was. His mind works so differently than I would have ever imagined,  and to read about these brilliant things he could come up with right on the spot was just fascinating. I always knew he was talented, b…

3 Talks to have with your children to prepare them for Real life

There are some things every kid needs to learn before they become an adult. I think being a parent is so hard to make sure you fully prepare your child for life,  but it's so important to do all we can to make these cookies children into capable adults.  No matter how awkward the conversation is.

Growing up,  I was the youngest of the family. I was the last to hear about everything. My parents taught my older siblings all about everything they needed to know about life,  but when it came time to teach me,  they had already been there, done that. So I had to figure a lot out on my own. I had friends who didn't learn anything from their parents either. When you don't take responsibility to teach your kid about what to expect, your kids will end up unhappy and lost. Trying to figure things out on your own is hard!
So I thought I'd make it a little easier on all those parents out there trying to prepare their kids to be independent,  happy adults. Here are a few personal s…

Celebrate the 100 days of Holidays! Part 1

Have you ever heard of the 100 days of holidays? Probably not. My husband and I came up with it after hearing the phrase on TV. They used It as 100 days of holiday movies. We adapted it to our own events.  Starting September 22nd is the beginning of 100 days of holidays for us. It helps us take full advantage of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas activities and events.
This doesn't mean we're celebrating something every day,  but rather, we're counting down the 100 days until new year's day. So we're taking advantage of our last 99 days of the year!
My husband and I love to celebrate every holiday we possibly can.  It gives us an excuse to celebrate, or look forward to something since we rarely go out on dates,  and vacations are few and far between. So I thought id share this long list of things we love to do for the 100 days of holidays. Some are kid-friendly since are not so much. 
Kick it off with Oktoberfest: 

we celebrate by having German beer and bratwur…

Best Shows to Watch Now! Fall 2018

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you click a link and purchase something that I have recommended. While clicking these links won't cost you any extra money, they will help us keep this site up and running

I don't talk about this much,  but I am a TV and movie connoisseur. I spend many hours watching TV shows and movies with my husband. That's kind of our thing,  especially now that we have kids and can't go out as often. So I thought I would help you all out by giving you some suggestions on TV shows you need to start watching right now!

So what are the best shows to be watching you ask?

1. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (Amazon Prime TV)

This show is based in the 50's and is about the life Miriam "Midge" Maisel. Midge goes through a big life change suddenly,  and finds herself drunk, onstage at a comedy club. She is a potty mouth and gets herself into some trouble. The comedy club owner (played by Ro…

Tips on How To Keep Sick Germs from Spreading

If you are reading this. I assume you or a family member are sick with a cold, flu,  or another contagious bug. One of the worst things every winter is not just about getting sick. But once you're finally starting to feel better, someone else in your household gets sick! It feels like an eternity just to get rid of one simple sickness in your home. 

I have lived with my OCD husband for 7 years,  and over those years he has shown me how he keeps his sickness contained without spreading his sick germs to anyone else. I can testify that these tips actually do work. Having 2 kids and myself in the house,  we are really great at keeping everyone in the house healthy,  even if someone brings home a sickness. So be considerate and read these tips on how to not get others sick. 
1. Wash Your Hands!
Can you count to 30? Good.. do that when washing your hands. It will kill the germs on your hands! It's also good to wash your hands after blowing your nose, before touching any food, and a…

Caring for a Demented Loved One: Unfiltered Real-life Struggles

Beautiful Mind blog is lucky enough to feature this article written by Jamie Cheng. You can check out more information  about her here. The article she wrote is very interesting. It gives you insight into a world that not everyone knows about,  but some have to go through. Please read,  and let her know your thoughts on the subject by commenting!

Many people see that it isn’t a big deal or something that should be recognized. Instead, it is a duty as a daughter or son to take care of our parents, no matter what obstacles may come our way.

But, people have never seen what happens behind closed doors; the unsaid expectation of filial piety discounts the actual grit that we have to undergo which goes unseen.

This is an unfiltered real-life struggle of a caregiver for a demented loved one.

Struggling with Dementia

I’ve always understood Dementia as forgetfulness or finding it hard to recall something in short-term. Dementia is more than that – beyond loss of memory, beyond difficulty in re…

5 Tips to Stay Healthy During Flu Season

One benefit of being married to someone with OCD, is they hate being sick so they avoid it at ALL costs.  We just went on a trip with my husband parents and siblings,  and all the kids. It was a lot of fun. But every time we have a get together with family,  someone always gets sick. My husband and I are usually the ones who avoid the sickness. He has figured out what it takes to avoid getting sick. 
So,  I'm here to teach you all about what my husband has taught me over the years to avoid getting sick. 
1. Don't touch your eyes
Did you know if you rub your eyes with your hands,  your pretty much putting all the germs you have touched right into your eyes? That is a sure fire way to get yourself sick.

2. Wash your hands after touching anything that others have touched. 
This seems pretty basic. But if you are one of those people that barely wash their hands in the bathroom,  then you are going to get sick a hell of a lot more than others who actually use the 30-second rule wi…