5 Tips to Stay Healthy During Flu Season

One benefit of being married to someone with OCD, is they hate being sick so they avoid it at ALL costs. 
We just went on a trip with my husband parents and siblings,  and all the kids. It was a lot of fun. But every time we have a get together with family,  someone always gets sick. My husband and I are usually the ones who avoid the sickness. He has figured out what it takes to avoid getting sick. 

So,  I'm here to teach you all about what my husband has taught me over the years to avoid getting sick. 

1. Don't touch your eyes

Did you know if you rub your eyes with your hands,  your pretty much putting all the germs you have touched right into your eyes? That is a sure fire way to get yourself sick.

2. Wash your hands after touching anything that others have touched. 

This seems pretty basic. But if you are one of those people that barely wash their hands in the bathroom,  then you are going to get sick a hell of a lot more than others who actually use the 30-second rule with washing. 

3. Try to stay a few feet away from people who are sick

Colds and the flu are airborne. Which means you can catch it just by being a little too close to a sick person. Usually, if a person with cold coughs, or sneezes, little germ droplets come out. If you are close to them when it happens,  you will most likely breath in those germs and catch their sickness. Pretty gross right? 
My hubby pretty much holds his breath of he walks past someone who recently sneezed or coughed.

If someone in your home or work is sick, get those handy little sanitizer wipes to clean off your keyboard,  mouse,  door handles, your phone (phones carry the most disgusting germs so you should sanitize them often anyway)
Getting hand sanitizer is also great if you don't want to wash your hands every 2 seconds. Hand sanitizer usually works best after washing hands though. 

5. Touching your mouth or face with unclean hands.

This kind of goes with the first two, but like I said before YOUR HANDS ARE DISGUSTING! When you touch your mouth, you're just putting sickness right into your body.

I have a bad habit of putting my finger on my lips.. and that is why I get sick a little more often than my husband. So be aware of your bad hand habits and you might avoid catching a cold!

Well, there you go. These are all simple tasks if all you do is constantly think about how disgusting everything is. Good luck this flu season! 

If you do end up getting sick,  come read my other article "How to keep your Sickness Contained.


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