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Celebrate the 100 days of Holidays! Part 1

Have you ever heard of the 100 days of holidays? Probably not. My husband and I came up with it after hearing the phrase on TV. They used It as 100 days of holiday movies. We adapted it to our own events. 
Starting September 22nd is the beginning of 100 days of holidays for us. It helps us take full advantage of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas activities and events.
This doesn't mean we're celebrating something every day,  but rather, we're counting down the 100 days until new year's day. So we're taking advantage of our last 99 days of the year!

My husband and I love to celebrate every holiday we possibly can.  It gives us an excuse to celebrate, or look forward to something since we rarely go out on dates,  and vacations are few and far between. So I thought id share this long list of things we love to do for the 100 days of holidays. Some are kid-friendly since are not so much. 

Kick it off with Oktoberfest: 

we celebrate by having German beer and bratwurst. We may go to the Oktoberfest event if we're really feeling festive. 

Outdoor photo shoot with fall colors:

I consider myself a photographer. Fall is my absolute favorite time to take photos because of the colors. It's a great time of year to get family photos done,  or even just go outside and get some cute pictures of the kids playing. 

Halloween movies:

My hubby and I are also crazy about Halloween so we make a list of movies we have to watch for the month of October. we try to watch as many as we can on Friday and Saturday nights until Halloween. This is our list so far. I'll probably add to it
The Shinning
Hocus Pocus 
Trick or treat
Halloween/ or slasher movies
Braindead, Dead alive (my favorite movie of all time but it's so hard to find)
Sleepy Hollow

Corn maze with kids:

Always a fun activity. I always liked the Haunted corn mazes but I don't do those now that my kids come.

Haunted house:

J and I try to go to a haunted house a year. Doesn't always happen,  but I love going to them. 

Pumpkin Patch:

Last year we took the kids to Peterson Farms, they have all kinds of fun kids activities. My kids loved it, so we're making it a tradition to go every year to pick out our pumpkins

Carve pumpkins:

I'm so excited,  last year my youngest wasn't old enough to understand how to carve pumpkins. Now she is! Catching pumpkins was not favorable as a kid. 

Make tape ghost display:
My husband J and I make a special Halloween decision every year for the front of our house. This year we are trying out those tape ghosts that are all over Pinterest.
I'll let you know how it turns out!

Pick out/make Halloween costumes:

I love finding my kids costumes. Dressing up is the best.  My oldest wants to be Plankton from Spongebob this year.. not sure if I'll be able to find a costume like that so I'm going to have to get creative!

Celebrate my kids birthdays:

Along with our love for Halloween,  we accidentally ended up with two kids with birthdays in October.  So our October gets crazy. But I am excited to celebrate their birthdays soon!

Witch Fest:

This has been a tradition for J and I since our first year dating. We go to Gardener Village which decorates with different witches around the grounds. They also have this AMAZING chocolate shop that sells caramel apples. Their caramel is heavenly. We always go to Gardener Village for their caramel apples. 

Halloween party:

We don't throw a Halloween party because of all the other crazy birthdays and traditions we have,  but we always hope to go to one so I always include it on my list

Set up Halloween display:
We love to be the scary house on the street. We keep getting better and better decor every year. I hope our tape ghosts goes as planned. They will make a great addition to our yard haunt 

Meet the witch:

This has been a tradition for me since I was born. My grandmother dresses up as a witch on Halloween to scare all the little kiddies. She lets family come over in the afternoon so we can visit and eat my grandpa's homemade chili and root beer. Homemade root beer is the best! My kids get to do this tradition as well because my grandparents are still alive and kicking. 


I will always take my kids trick-or-treating. I loved it as a kid,  so I wasn't my kids to experience it as well. I kind of don't like a trunk or treats even though I get the idea of it. It's just not the same experience.


J hates Thanksgiving. He just doesn't like a holiday based around food that has been made by other people (its an OCD thing). We take turns on which side of the family we celebrate with. I think this year we're celebrating with his side. 

Black Friday Shopping:

J and his brother have been going Black Friday shopping for years before I met him. So I got to jump in on that tradition. It's not always my favorite thing. I am not a night owl anymore. But it's kind of fun to experience all the crowds,  and feeling like you're getting a good deal. This year I'll probably do most of my Black Friday shopping online. 

I will stop here for now. I will separate this into two posts because Christmas has an even bigger list of things we do. So stay tuned,  I'll post the next list in November. 


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