Don't give me that small talk

I am an introvert. And being introverted doesn't necessarily mean I don't like talking to people.  It just means I am more shy about talking about things.  I always hate small talk so it's really hard for me to think of those kinds of things. People will ask me how my day is.  I just say good... because I don't think to ask the other person. I would rather talk about deeper things. 

One thing I love to talk to people about is their past. their story leading up to now. Things they remember from growing up.  I feel really weird for wanting to hear that stuff,  as I feel most people don't really care about other people's story. But I always love hearing those things. It's how you really get to understand people.  Why they think the way they do,  or how they choose to live their life. 

My grandma,  before she passed away only talked about when she read learning to drive. She was 16 and nervous as hell. I think she only told me about it because I was 15 at the time,  about to get my license. But now when I think of her, I not only think of the good memories I had with her,  I think of her memory of learning how to drive and how her friends thought it was just hilarious that she was so nervous. 

I wish it was more common to just talk about more meaningful things. I'd make more effort to have a conversation with others if that was the case. 
Anyone else ever feels like that? Maybe I'm just weird. Or maybe I just need to work on being a better conversationalist. 


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