September: Suicide awareness month by Beautiful Mind

Living with depression,  I have definitely had my thoughts of suicide. I'm lucky to be passed that right now. I noticed once I had kids I realized I could never commit suicide without giving my kid's so many problems from it. So I made a decision to not accept suicide as an option. I've been through times that felt like suicide was the only option but I had to just convince myself that it will pass and there will be more options later on.  I was right! 

I live in Utah which has a very high suicide rate. It's not just people with mental illness that contemplate suicide or commit suicide. I believe religion,  and family can also lead someone to commit suicide. 

When I say religion and family can cause someone to commit suicide,  I'm not trying to offend anyone. I believe if a person is trying so hard to be perfect for their church,  or their parents, they can get so discouraged when they aren't doing exactly what is expected. They may give up because they feel they will never satisfy everyone else's expectations.

Suicidal thoughts affect my husband. Because of his OCD, he feels as if he is trapped in this messed up mind.  He can't stop his compulsions. He will always be OCD, and he is scared shitless about getting older and not being able to continue his rituals. I often have to remind him that his kids will always need him, no matter how bad his OCD might get. But with his illness,  I am fully aware I can't stop him from committing suicide,  I can only do my best to convince him otherwise and show how much our family needs him.  

How can we help prevent suicide?

Research has shown that people who are having suicidal thoughts find relief when someone asks after them in a caring way.
So maybe,  if we can all open our eyes to other people's situations and show how we are thinking of them and care about them, we may be able to help someone who is contemplating suicide. 

It's also smart to keep pills, guns, and anything else that might be used in suicide, put in hard to get to areas. If they can't find something to commit suicide from right away,  it could prevent them from going through with it.
Although that might not seem like much,  it's definately worth trying if it can save just one life. 

I ask that you share this post.
I hope that by bringing more awareness to suicide,  we can help people that are depressed,  and suicidal by getting them the help and support they need to feel better about living life. 


  1. A good post raising awareness can only help. Thank you.


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