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Tips on How To Keep Sick Germs from Spreading

If you are reading this. I assume you or a family member are sick with a cold, flu,  or another contagious bug. One of the worst things every winter is not just about getting sick. But once you're finally starting to feel better, someone else in your household gets sick! It feels like an eternity just to get rid of one simple sickness in your home. 

I have lived with my OCD husband for 7 years,  and over those years he has shown me how he keeps his sickness contained without spreading his sick germs to anyone else. I can testify that these tips actually do work. Having 2 kids and myself in the house,  we are really great at keeping everyone in the house healthy,  even if someone brings home a sickness.
So be considerate and read these tips on how to not get others sick. 

1. Wash Your Hands!

Can you count to 30? Good.. do that when washing your hands. It will kill the germs on your hands! It's also good to wash your hands after blowing your nose, before touching any food, and also before handling small children. Trust me,  it's super annoying, and your hands will be super dry,  but it's better than having sick kids or a sick whiny husband!

2. Watch where you breath

Yes, I'm serious. I had a nasty cold when my youngest was almost 2 months old. I literally would turn my head away to breath out so I wouldn't get her sick.. and it worked!

 If you're sick, don't breath on other peoples food, or close to their face. That's the easiest way to get someone else sick. 

3. Don't share toiletries

Toothpaste, mouthwash,  floss.. ask of these things can spread your germs to whomever you're sharing with. So if someone in your house is sick,  go get them their own toiletries to keep those germs to themselves. 

4. Sanitize Everything

Do you know how many surfaces you touch? Door handles, phone, remotes, couch, counters, clothes, kids stuff.. when you're sick,  your touching all of these surfaces and leaving behind your sickness for the next person to touch.  The best thing you can do for your household is to sanitize all surfaces after a bad sick day.
My baby girl had the flu this last weekend and I was not going to have anyone else in my house catch it. If they did, that would mean so much more laundry, cleaning up vomit, and husband OCD problems. So after her bad flu day, I put the kids to bed and sanitized everything I knew we would touch.. and guess what... no one caught it!

5. Change your clothes

If you are a parent dealing with a sick child,  And you have other children in the house, this is an important thing to not spread sick germs around. Germs can get on any surface,  including fabric. So if you change your shirt a few times in a day,  you can keep those germs contained better. 

Although I may sound crazy with some of these,  they actually do work. My husband makes a huge deal of people being sick and I get so tired of it, I have to follow these steps just to keep myself and my husband sane. 
Good luck keeping those sick germs contained!
If you have any other suggestions, please comment to help others out!


  1. Really valid points. We sometimes ignore the hygiene part and fall prey to illness due to basic negligence. In these matters, sharing is not caring.

  2. My fiancé always jokes around how germophobic I am, which is really me because I don’t wanna get sick from bugs. Handwashing is really the top way to prevent getting sick and preventing spread of bacteria.

  3. Currently i am trying to figure out if I have a head cold, if I have allergies, if I am just experiencing pregnancy symptoms or if I am allergic to my house, ha! Ugh!

  4. The GIF just killed me ahahah ! Great tips !! We all do that in the house cause yes, the struggle is real ahah

  5. I'm constantly washing my hands and cleaning everything because i'm always sick!

  6. washing hands every time i get back to the house is very helpful for me. I teach my kid to do the same. Also, i agree with other points you raised here! must learn by all!

  7. All points you have mentioned are right. I never compromise with hygiene because of weak immune system... That where to breathe gif is 🤣🤣🤣

  8. You have offered some great tips on staying well and keep sick germs from spreading. I will put these to practice.

    1. Not a lot of people understand the importance of changing your clothes when you visit/work at hospitals. Thanks for highlighting change of clothes in this piece.

  9. I'm actually super sick as I'm typing this. As soon as I'm done, I'm going to wash my hands and change my clothing!

  10. I am rather sensible at germs, so I should keep your tips in my mind when I stay near a person having a flu...

  11. Sanitation is key. Wash hands and spray things are good because everyone isnt washing their hands and touching evertything.


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