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National Candy Corn Day

Everyone knows what candy corn is. I absolutely love it,  but my husband hates it so can be hard to buy a whole bag for myself. It is one of my favorite treats around Halloween time I refuse to eat it any other time of the year. It's just the taste of Halloween for me. 
 National Candy Corn Day is observed annually on October 30th. I thought it would be fun to give you a little history on candy corn and more it came to be.
Candy Corn was created by George Renninger of Wunderle Candy Company in the late 1800s. He designed candy corn to look like chicken feed. It came out at a time when about half of Americans worked on farms.  Originally, Candy Corn was yellow, orange and white, but it has become popular in other colors as well.
This confection was originally made by hand using corn syrup, sugar, water, marshmallows, fondant and carnauba wax (a wax made from the leaves of a palm tree), but it is now produced using machines.  The original ingredients are still used in the recipe. I nev…

Halloween Traditions to Start Doing

I consider October 1st-31st as Halloween season. Halloween can be a fun holiday to celebrate.  If you have a family, you know how fun it is to go all out and do fun activities with your kids. As a kid, I loved trying to find a really scary costume. Some of my favorite Halloween memories were those after trick or treating traditions I had with my siblings. So much nostalgia comes up when I think about Halloween. I really want my kids to grow up having some great memories of Halloween. So I've decided to compile a list of fun family traditions to help those looking to get into the Halloween spirit this year. 

DIY Halloween Decorations
Hardcore Halloween fans start their Halloween decor projects months in advance,  but I have a few easy DIY Halloween decorations that the trick-or-treaters will love. 

Pick out/make costumes
I think one of my favorite costumes was a DIY costume my mom helped me put together. If you don't have time to DIY, then check out your local Halloween shop or …

What I Want For My Life

I love being a mom,  I love my kids more than life itself. I love watching them play and learn new things.  I love listening to them talk and tell me stories. I would not change a thing about them. 
But.. I didn't take the time when I was younger, to figure out who I was. I just got married, and had some kids early on so I could get on with this life I thought I was supposed to live.
I've gone through a few identity crises in my short life. I still don't know exactly who I am, but I like to imagine myself doing things I think I would love.  It kind of helps me figure out what I want from this life and how I can work toward something similar even with a family. 

If I were single... 
I imagine,  if I was single, I'd be broke. I would work at crappy jobs just to make a little money to do the things I want to do.

I would try moving out of state or travel the world by finding jobs in different areas and saving up to buy a plane ticket to the next place. All the while learn…

Facts About OCD

I've mentioned in many of my posts that my husband J has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. When I talk to people about my husband's OCD, they just imagine a perfectionist clean freak, kind of like how the TV show Monk portrays OCD. 
Well, that is not how it is. My husband is the most sloppy, messy person in this house. He leaves paper towels EVERYWHERE, never cleans up after himself.. always spills cereal,  or other foods on our counter and never cleans it up. Just because he had OCD doesn't mean he is clean at all. 
I thought I'd write a few facts about OCD so maybe you can get a better idea of what OCD is and how it can affect a person.
OCD causes a lot of Anxiety
I have anxiety, but my husband has it a lot worse. The obsession he experiences Causes him a lot of anxiety. That's where his compulsions/ rituals come in, to try to lessen the anxiety he is feeling.  My husband is a germaphobe.  His OCD is based on contamination. He thinks he is contaminated with germs if he t…

Motivational and Life Quotes

Tis the season to catch a cold. I hate being sick.. as does everyone.  But when I'm sick,  it's TERRIBLE! My husband avoids me like the plague.  I have hardly any energy for my kids,  but yet I have to muster up as much as I can for them.  All I want to do is lay around and hide from the world,  but you can't do that once you're a mother. 
I need a distraction. A pick-me-up to help me keep going while I'm sick.   I want to share some of my favorite inspirational,  and life quotes to help myself get back on my feet and get stuff done even though I don't feel like it. Here are some of my favorite quotes. 

“Get busy living or get busy dying.”-Stephen King
“When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us.”-Helen Keller

“A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him.”-David Brinkley

“Would you like me to give you a form…

Most Common Fears and Phobias

Everyone is afraid of something. Whether it is a fear of heights or a phobia of going outside. I definitely have my fears. I believe those who suffer from anxiety are more fearful than those who don't.

Some of the most common fears and phobias people have might surprise you. Here is a list of most common fears/ phobias, and a few that I personally have as well.

Public Speaking
Just talking about this gives me anxiety. Glossophobia is the great of public speaking. I found a poll that asked people what they are more afraid of Death or public speaking. Can you guess which one won? People are more afraid of talking in front of people,  then they are off Death! That makes the phrase "I would rather die" actually true in this situation.
Obviously, Death is a fear many people have. No one likes the unknown. No one is ever able to tell us if death is really that scary. Because those who know aren't alive to tell us about it. 

an estimated 3 percent to 5 percent of …

Halloween Traditions and Superstitions Around the World.

Halloween is known in most parts of the world. Every country has their own superstitions or traditions they do around Halloween time.  I love learning about what other countries may have believed,  or how they celebrate the holiday. 

Mexico celebrates Halloween on a large scale and known as “El Dia de Los Muertos.” This is a happy holiday which goes from October 31st to November 2nd. It’s a time to remember friends and family who have died, who are believed to come home during Halloween. They create altars in their homes and decorate it with candles, flowers and favorite foods of their deceased.

An old Celtic tradition was to start huge bonfires on Halloween. Afterward, if it had burned out, a circle of ashes has to be made from each fire. Inside this circle, every individual from the different families which had made a fire should put a pebble in the ashes. In the event that any stone was out of its place, or harmed the next day, it was a sign that the one who owned the …

A Girls First Kiss Story

I'm kind of a storyteller. I love talking about crazy things that have happened in my life,  and also hearing stories from other people.  I thought I'd talk about my first boyfriend. Mostly because we got together in October so it's semi-relevant I guess. 
I'm a person that can remember some of the smallest details of things that happened years ago. But I will never remember a person's name for the life of me. 
I met my first boyfriend, let's call him Mike, in gym class. I was a sophomore,  and he was a senior. He wore dark clothes all the time,  and his hair had these perfect dirty blond curls. Imagine Edward Cullin from Twilight. He was a punk, and I loved punk boys! 
Anyway, we met in gym class. Before we got together, we had this group of friends we would all hang out with during that class.  The group consisted of me,  Mike, Paul, and Sabrina.  Well, I had a crush on Mike obviously, Paul had a crush on me, and Sabrina also had a crush on Mike. I didn'…

What Super Power would You Have?

This month I've already watched a ton of horror,  magical, and mythical movies. I love to make the most of the Halloween season by enjoying all the great classic Halloween movies. One, in particular, I see every year is  Hocus Pocus. 
I have watched Hocus Pocus as a kid so it's one of those movies that makes me feel like a kid again to watch. One thing I've always wanted to be is a witch. As a kid, I thought the classic witches were awesome! They had magic and could fly.  Did you ever have those thoughts of if you had magical powers,  what kind of powers would you want? 

I thought it would be cool to have the power to go invisible when I want.  Id uses it to sneak into movies, make sure People aren't talking about me behind my back.. ignore my husband when he wants to argue with me.. that should be the most ideal power. 
I also thought Mind Control would be awesome.  Id just gets a job in sales and just have them buy what I needed to sell. That way it makes lots of mo…

How to Put on Two Birthdays in the Same Month

October is a wonderful month for my little family. J and I are obsessed with Halloween so we try to make the most of it by going to lots of Halloween events and watching Halloween movies. 
We also have two kids who both have birthdays in October. no, it was not planned that way. So on top of all our Halloween stuff, we have to plan two birthday parties as well. 
This year I think we have finally figured out the easiest way to plan two birthdays in one month with minimal stress. I'm just you in on some of my secrets.

Buy in bulk Before the birthdays come up,  check how much cups, plates, plastic utensils, and napkins you have.  Make sure you buy enough for both parties all at once. 
Get out of the house If your lucky enough to have birthdays during the warmer months,  you are probably taking full advantage of doing birthdays at parks,  and outdoor areas.  October is a bit and misses a month with the weather. Last year it was so warm that we were able to celebrate both kids birthdays…

Arguments With My OCD Husband

It's been a while since I've been able to talk about my experiences with my husband J, who has OCD. So I thought id add something new to some light into my life with an OCD husband.

J and I often have fights. Like any married couple, we fight about the usual stuff. But because he has OCD, we also have fights that to a normal person would be ridiculous.
Just tonight, after I put the kids to bed, I decided to go to the laundry room to get some sanitizer wipes to sanitize some door handles and things because both my kids have colds. My husband leaves his perfectly sanitized phone and keys on the counter right in front of the sanitizer container. He sanitized them every evening to get "work germs" off.
Anyway,  I'm in the laundry room grabbing a sanitizer wipe. J hears me and immediately comes in and stares at me.  "Don't breath on my stuff!" he says.
I lose it on him. "Don't tell me what I can and cannot breathe on!" I yell.  I fly off th…

Halloween Superstition Series

One of the most common Halloween traditions is to carve a pumpkin to make Jack-o-lanterns. That's probably one of my favorite traditions for Halloween. I'm excited to do that with my kid when it gets closer to Halloween! 
Do you know why we carve pumpkins? Where the idea of jack-o-lanterns came from? 

The roots of the jack-o-lantern come from Celtic folklore. They tell a tragic tale of a drunken farmer named Jack who tricked the devil, but his trickery resulted in him being turned away from both the gates of heaven and hell after he died. Having no choice but to wander around the darkness of purgatory, Jack made a lantern from a turnip and a burning lump of coal that the devil had tossed him from hell.
Jack used the lantern to guide his lost soul; The Celts believed that placing Jack-o'-lanterns outside would help guide lost spirits home when they wander the streets on Halloween. Originally made using a hollowed out turnip with a small candle inside, Jack-o'-lanterns&…