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5 DIY Halloween Decorations

Halloween Is my favorite holiday.. well, that and Christmas are tied up. 
I was lucky enough to marry a guy who loves to get creative for every holiday and loves to celebrate Halloween just as much as I do. 
Before our kids came along,  we decided we wanted the have the scariest house on the block.. and you can do that with really expensive Halloween decorations,  or you can get creative and make things no one else has. 
We are both cheap so we went with the DIY option. 
I wanted to share some of my favorite Halloween decorations that I've made to make my house the scariest on the block.

Bloody Candles
You can buy these big white candles at Walmart,  or you can get the long skinny white candles at the Dollar store depending on the look you want. You also need to buy the long skinny red candles from the dollar store. 
You light the red candle and let the wax drip down the white candle. It takes about 5 minutes total and it's fun to do!

Dead Body
This one has gotten us many compliments over the years. I'm pretty sure I only spent about $3 on this project. 
You need rope, black garbage bags,  old clothes to help you form a body shape, and a whole bunch of newspaper.

Just form it to look like a body, put some garbage bags around it and tie up with the rope.  Took me maybe 20 minutes to make this. 

Bloody Handprint
A quick easy craft to make,  and it looks great in a window. I bought some red paint, rubbed it all over my hand,  and stuck my hand on saran wrap. I like to use the clear invisible tape and just taped it on my windows. It's lasted me 4 years and I am still using it. Plus,  if I want, I have plenty of paint to make more! 

Halloween Wreath
Add I've said,  I'm too cheap to spend $80 on a wreath for my door. So last year I made one myself. I spent $10 on the stick wreath, $5 on the skeleton head,  flowers and a few orange and purple sticks, and another $5 on a few little extra decorations to stick in there.
It's one of my favorite decisions,  and no one has one like it in my neighborhood. 

Tape Ghosts

This actually takes a lot more effort than you might think. My husband and I are currently making this,  but it's close to being done and I can't wait to see how it turns out. 
All you need is lots of saran wrap,  lots of packing tape, and a partner to help you cut it off when you're finished. 

I hope you have gotten a little inspiration for your next Halloween decor project! Let me know if you have any questions on how to make these. I always like getting ideas of things to make as well so feel free to share your ideas!


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