A Girls First Kiss Story

I'm kind of a storyteller. I love talking about crazy things that have happened in my life,  and also hearing stories from other people. 
I thought I'd talk about my first boyfriend. Mostly because we got together in October so it's semi-relevant I guess. 

I'm a person that can remember some of the smallest details of things that happened years ago. But I will never remember a person's name for the life of me. 

I met my first boyfriend, let's call him Mike, in gym class. I was a sophomore,  and he was a senior. He wore dark clothes all the time,  and his hair had these perfect dirty blond curls. Imagine Edward Cullin from Twilight. He was a punk, and I loved punk boys! 

Anyway, we met in gym class. Before we got together, we had this group of friends we would all hang out with during that class. 
The group consisted of me,  Mike, Paul, and Sabrina. 
Well, I had a crush on Mike obviously, Paul had a crush on me, and Sabrina also had a crush on Mike.
I didn't let her know I liked him though. 

One day our group of friends decided to go to the movies together. Mike, is a senior with a car,  offered to give me a ride. Of course, I accepted. 
Driving to the theater, Mike and I chatted about random stuff and had many very awkward minutes of silence as well. 
When we got to the theater,  our friend Sabrina texted me saying she couldn't come. So it was just down to me, Paul, and Mike. (Always a fun love triangle when the guy you're not into keeps trying to flirt). I got to sit between the two boys. Which was good for me,  I could sit by my crush! 
We saw 3:10 to Yuma. I wasn't able to focus on the movie much though. I kept trying to slyly look over at Mike to see if he was looking at me.. he did once,  probably because he saw me awkwardly looking at him.. 
Anyway,  the movie ended and I had to tell Paul I was too tired to keep hanging out so he would go home. It worked. Mike was my ride home so I got to have some alone time in the car with him. As we were leaving the theater Mike asked if I wanted to hang out a little longer. 
"Yes!" I said trying not to sound too excited. 
We ended up at a park near our houses. It was around 9:30 pm so it was dark outside,  and it was snowing.  We just sat and flirted in his car while listening to the band Rise Against. 
For some reason,  I decided to get out of the car and run around in the snow without my jacket. It was freezing! My teeth were chattering. He got out as well and walked after me. I was leaning against a soccer goal post. He came up to me and stood close. He asked if I was cold,  and got a little closer to warm me up.  
He said,  "I've been waiting a while for this" 
"What," I asked
Mike leaned in slowly. Checking to make sure I was ok with what was going on.. and then his lips met mine. 
That moment was probably the most romantic fairytale moment I've ever had. 
After we kissed, we ran back to his car to warm up, and of course, kiss a little more. He took me home and walked me to the front door.  As he was kissing me goodnight, my older brother swings open the front door and yelled: "what are you doing with my sister!!"

Mike jumped back. My brother laughed and I, of course, yelling at him and told him to leave me alone.. 
I said goodnight to Mike and went inside.

Any first kisses with someone new are my favorite memories because at the time it's so exciting and new! 

Do you have any good first kiss stories? 


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this a super read. Thank you. My story is on my blog you are welcome to visit any time.


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