Best Treats To Give Out To Trick-Or-Treaters

Remember back in the day,  when trick-or-treating, you would avoid certain houses because you knew what they were giving out for Halloween? 
In my neighborhood, we had the penny lady. One penny for every trick-or-treater.
And another house that always gave out apples. I always skipped those houses. No sense in wasting precious time getting something you don't want.

There was always stories of that house giving out full-size candy bars as well.. I never found it,  but I tried my best. 

If you like Halloween, you have to be the house with the good candy. After all,  You don't want to get egged.
I don't think kids really do that anymore.. or maybe I'm just one of the good houses with the best treats!

I'm here to help you out in finding just what to buy to have the best treats this Halloween. Not all will be candy related because some kids can't eat candy. It's always nice to have different options.

Glow sticks:
I moved into a neighborhood that has one house giving out for sickness every year. Most trick or treaters stop at that house first. Not only is it great for kids safety, but they think it's great. You can buy some on Amazon,  or go to the dollar store nearest you. 

Full-size candy bars (if you are made of money):
I always wanted to be that house with the full-size candy bars.. until I became an adult and realized how expensive it is to give 100+ kids a full sized candy.
My brother in law does it though.. he makes a lot of money so he is able to do stuff like that.

Hot Chocolate:
Another house in my neighborhood does this and I think it's brilliant. You can buy a hot cocoa maker and just give it to them in plastic cups. It is so cold out, parents would appreciate it. 
You can also give out those little packs of hot chocolate and they can make at home.

one of the most favorable candy

 this is my personal favorite,  and it seems to get snatched up quickly.

Anything with caramel is good in my book.

Kit-kat bars: always a favorite in my house. 

 my younger kids always go for a little bouncy ball instead of candy. They just love their toys. 

Also a fun toy for most kids. 

Skittles: can't go wrong with a classic

Sour Patch kids: my kids don't know what these are because I always take them for myself.

Stickers: these are fun for younger kids. And it's a benefit that it's not candy!

Dollar bills (also good if you are made of money): kids will take bills anytime.  Just avoid the loose change,  as they may throw it through your window. 

I'll make a quick list of things to avoid giving kids. These make the list because the kid will litter your lawn with them, or it will end up in the trash

Homemade snacks: only on the list because parents don't trust anything homemade

Remember,  whatever you buy,  you might end up having to eat some yourself,  so get things that you like eating! 

Let me know if I missed anything by leaving a comment. 
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