Day in the Life of an Introvert: Confrontation

Being an introvert, I run into many problems on a daily basis. I hate confrontation! 
Today of course was no exception. I have a foster dog that loves to escape our house.. when my husband comes home he is waiting at the garage door to see if he can get around him and outside without anyone stopping him.. he is almost impossible to catch as well.

Today like always, the husband comes home and opens that garage door nice and wide for Cory (foster dog) to escape. I do try to catch him for an hour with no such luck.
I run inside to grab a coat because I'm freezing.  Meanwhile, a neighbor of mine is walking her little dog and Cory being the excitable friendly dog that he is, he charges at the lady and barks at her dog. That's just what he does to everyone. By the time I get out there with my coat on.  Cory is following this lady who is hysterical and holding her dog. I apologize profusely, she is crying and completely terrified. But trying to catch the dog.. no luck.. she is running home crying while cory is running with her trying to jump up to see her dog.

Let me tell you,  this situation would be terrible for anyone. But,  because it's me, I have to sit there and relive every moment. Hoping that lady won't sue me. Wondering if I should go apologize to her again. 

Just so you know. Cory is such a sweet boy.  He gets over excited when he sees dogs outside and likes to bark. He has a vicious bark but truly wouldn't hurt a fly. 
But because he is so big,  everyone is fearful of him.

Anyway,  situations like this to an introverted person are so exhausting. I'm sitting here hours after the incident, still losing my mind. My body feels completely drained while my stomach is tossing in circles with anxiety. All the while Cory is just sleeping happily on the floor in front of me. 

Introversion sucks.. if you ever run into a conflict with someone, Remember that you don't know their side of the story,  so keep an open mind. I'm hoping my neighbor will do me that courtesy.


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