Easy DIY Halloween Costumes for Adults

Every year I try not to put much thought into what costumes to wear for Halloween. I usually just go out and buy one.  Now that I have kids, we have to put a little more thought into it. This year,  my son decided he wanted to be Plankton from the TV show Spongebob. Did you know they don't have a regular plankton costume anywhere?! I almost had to resort to making it myself! luckily my son was ok with wearing the Plankton superhero costume from the Spongebob Movie. 
But he now wants me to dress up as spongebob. And those costumes can get expensive. So I'm just going to do a quick trip to my local thrift store and see what I can throw together. 

If you haven't found a costume for that upcoming thing Halloween party, you can check out my list of easy fun Halloween costumes!

1. Ghost
Don't cut holes out of a bed sheet just yet. Just a little face paint, a cute white beanie and some white clothes will do.

2. Fairy
Whether your a kid or an adult,  fairy costumes are always easy to come by. Or you can go to a local thrift store and make your own!

3. Dracula
I dressed my son up in a Dracula costume for his first Halloween and oh my gosh he was so adorable! I also have an aunt who paints some blood on her lips, puts on a Cape, and calls it a day.

4. Facebook 
If you have a face,  and cheap black eyeliner, you can be Facebook! Just write "BOOK accross your face. I stole this idea from the TV show "The Office". 

5. Princess
Every girl likes to be pretty. So, go all out! Buy a cute dress from a thrift store,  and a crown from the dollar store.  Your good to go!

6. Zombie
I always love coming across good zombie costumes. I dressed my hubby up as one a few years back because we were going to a Halloween party and had no costumes! A little face makeup, And some old crappy clothes your ok with ripping and staining is all you need! 

7. The Purge 
If your a horror movie fan like I am, then you have seen the Purge. All it takes to dress up like a person from the Purge is a creepy mask. You can buy one on Amazon, or find a plain mask to paint yourself! I predilections,  it will creep lots of people out.

8. Wednesday Addams
Get a long black wig to braid,  and a black dress.

9. Life hands you lemons 
Get a shirt and write "Life" on it,  and buy a bag on lemons.  Super easy and clever!

10. Gumball machine. You might need some hot glue,  and a few hundred of those fuzzy balls.. but it makes a cute costume.

One thing I love about not buying my own costume,  is that I can still do something fun and look like I made an effort. I hope you found a fun Halloween costume idea! 


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