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Halloween Traditions and Superstitions Around the World.

Halloween is known in most parts of the world. Every country has their own superstitions or traditions they do around Halloween time. 
I love learning about what other countries may have believed,  or how they celebrate the holiday. 


Mexico celebrates Halloween on a large scale and known as “El Dia de Los Muertos.” This is a happy holiday which goes from October 31st to November 2nd.
It’s a time to remember friends and family who have died, who are believed to come home during Halloween. They create altars in their homes and decorate it with candles, flowers and favorite foods of their deceased.


An old Celtic tradition was to start huge bonfires on Halloween. Afterward, if it had burned out, a circle of ashes has to be made from each fire. Inside this circle, every individual from the different families which had made a fire should put a pebble in the ashes.
In the event that any stone was out of its place, or harmed the next day, it was a sign that the one who owned the disrupted stone would die within a year.


In Germany, people pray for the souls of their dead at Halloween. They additionally put all the knives of the house away. This is because they do not want to risk harming the returning spirits.


China’s Halloween festival is known as Teng Chieh celebrates the dead. They offer water and food to the photos of the deceased. They also light lanterns in order to illuminate the way of the souls as they wander the earth on the eve of Halloween.


In Austria, some people leave a lighted lamp, bread, and water on the table before retiring on the eve of Halloween. Such things will welcome the souls back to earth on the night, which was thought to overflow with cosmic energies.

Hong Kong 

Hong Kong celebrates the Halloween festivity or “Yue Lan” as they call it, which translates to the “Hungry Ghosts Festival”. It is a period where many people believed spirits wander the world for a period of 24 hours. People who believe this, would set pictures of money or fruit on fire, believing these pictures would get to the world of the spirits, then convey solace to the souls.


In Czechoslovakia, they have a tradition called “Seating for the Dead”. Every chair set by the fireside corresponds to a deceased relative. There is a chair for every relative and one for every relative’s soul


In Scotland, they have a tradition to peel an apple and toss the peel behind the person. It is believed that the shape that the peel reveals will become the primary letter of the future spouse’s name.

The U.K. and North America 

In numerous parts of UK and North America, it is believed that if a young, unmarried individual gazes into a dull mirror, they will locate their future life partner behind their shoulder. However, if the spouse is going to pass on soon, people are likely to find a skeleton looking back at them.

I've never heard of this last superstition. But,  I think I need to try it just for kicks. I am already married so hopefully, no skeleton will be looking back at me! 


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