Halloween Traditions to Start Doing

I consider October 1st-31st as Halloween season. Halloween can be a fun holiday to celebrate.  If you have a family, you know how fun it is to go all out and do fun activities with your kids. As a kid, I loved trying to find a really scary costume. Some of my favorite Halloween memories were those after trick or treating traditions I had with my siblings.
So much nostalgia comes up when I think about Halloween. I really want my kids to grow up having some great memories of Halloween. So I've decided to compile a list of fun family traditions to help those looking to get into the Halloween spirit this year. 

DIY Halloween Decorations

Hardcore Halloween fans start their Halloween decor projects months in advance,  but I have a few easy DIY Halloween decorations that the trick-or-treaters will love. 

Pick out/make costumes

I think one of my favorite costumes was a DIY costume my mom helped me put together. If you don't have time to DIY, then check out your local Halloween shop or Walmart. I'm sure you and your family can all find something fun to wear. 

Halloween Movie night

They are so many family-friendly Halloween movies for any age,  and this is one of my favorite traditions.  My husband and I watch tons of Halloween/ horror movies during October, but I can't wait until my kids are old enough to stay up later to have a movie night with us. 

Visit Pumpkin Patch

I never realized how fun pumpkin patches could be until I took my kids to one. Depending on where you go, they might offer play areas and slides. if you find a good one,  they might offer wagon rides or corn mazes. 

Carve pumpkins

You've got your pumpkins,  now you have to do something with them. 
 I love carving fun faces or buying those kits to make cool pictures. 
If your kids aren't to the carving stage yet, paint a picture instead. 

Halloween Parties

My husband is against hosting parties,  but if he wasn't, I would throw some wicked Halloween parties. Getting dressed up, eating fun Halloween themed snacks,  and playing Halloween games is so much fun.


Best tradition of all. Go trick-or-treating with your kids, make sure they pick out the right candy that you can sneakily eat later, and look at all the cute costumes out there.

Candy Switch

This one is mostly for the kids. Growing up,  After we would trick-or-treat, we should come home and check out our loot. My siblings and I would make sure to keep all the good candy we live and try to switch the stuff we don't like so much. I loved it because I loved things my brothers didn't so it was an easy switch. That way you get the most out of that Halloween candy.

Now you have your list of things to do before Halloween hits so get to it! Make some fun memories with your family.

 Do you have any fun traditions you love to do as a family? Please leave a comment with your traditions so others can try them out!


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