How to Put on Two Birthdays in the Same Month

October is a wonderful month for my little family. J and I are obsessed with Halloween so we try to make the most of it by going to lots of Halloween events and watching Halloween movies. 

We also have two kids who both have birthdays in October. no, it was not planned that way. So on top of all our Halloween stuff, we have to plan two birthday parties as well. 

This year I think we have finally figured out the easiest way to plan two birthdays in one month with minimal stress. I'm just you in on some of my secrets.

Buy in bulk
Before the birthdays come up,  check how much cups, plates, plastic utensils, and napkins you have.  Make sure you buy enough for both parties all at once. 

Get out of the house
If your lucky enough to have birthdays during the warmer months,  you are probably taking full advantage of doing birthdays at parks,  and outdoor areas. 
October is a bit and misses a month with the weather. Last year it was so warm that we were able to celebrate both kids birthdays at parks! 
Having No house cleaning stress was so amazing. This year we're not getting as lucky. But we still celebrate one birthday at the park.. it was freezing.  I don't think we can get away with the other birthday at the park this year. 

Toy stores!
Take your children to toy stores to see what draws them in the most. This saved me so much time of trying to decide what my kids "might" like. I just had them show me. 
I went online to find cheaper prices on toys they liked. I love Amazon for that. 

Keep it small
When kids are little,  you don't need to throw an elaborate party. My kids are still young enough that we just invite family. But my family is huge so it can get a little crazy at times. This year my oldest is turning 4, so we decided to have a friend party for him.  We're inviting a couple cousins close to his age,  And a few friends he has made through preschool and church. I feel like just having a few friends over is going to be a lot easier than entertaining a bunch of families. 

Do you really need a theme?
It's fun to have themed birthday parties and go all out. But it's really not that important. Your kids won't remember what the theme of their 5th birthday was. It's just something the parents do to make it look cute. I stopped turned after my first child's 1st birthday and it has saved me a lot of stress. 

Dollar store is your friend
I love the Dollar store. They always have what I need there. I needed a few invitations for my son's birthday.  Got an 8 pack for a dollar!
All those cheap parties favor that kids break and lose 5 minutes after bringing them home? Dollar store has a whole section of that stuff! 
I spent $8 between both kids birthdays for party favors, invitations, some decorations. It says that is pretty good. 

Get out of your head
I have anxiety,  which means I constantly think about what I need to get done until it's over with.  Birthdays are always a big source of anxiety for me,  but this year I'm too tired to be anxious about it. I am trying to keep birthday sid out of my mind until the week before.  I have just gotten my mind on other things when I notice I'm stressing over a birthday. 
Everything can be done within the week before the party. So just put it off until then!

Well, I've probably painted a pretty picture of a lazy mom. But seriously.. if my kids are happy,  I'm happy. No need to put more stress into it for the same outcome. 
How do you handle multiple birthdays in a month? Please share any tips you have to make birthdays easier!


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