Must See Horror Movies

October is Halloween season, and to take full advantage of Halloween season,  you need to watch a lot of horror movies! I've compiled a list of my favorite horror movies to help you Decide what to watch this Halloween season. 

This movie is my favorite horror of all time. My hubby and I watch this every year on Halloween.  Jack Nicholson does such an amazing acting job.

This movie is one that will be a classic forever. It's so well done,  and I jumped out of my seat so much throughout the whole movie. No other movie does that to me!

One of those slasher movies that is so worth watching. 

I can't wait to see the new one that is coming out! But the first Halloween will always be one of my favorite horror movies

I've loved this movie since I was a kid. So many creepy moments,  and obviously the ending is great. 

This movie makes every horror movie list. And if you have ever been to a haunted house,  they always have a scene from this movie. 

You have to see the 1974 version if you haven't already. It doesn't have the special effects like the newer stuff,  but that's what makes it so good!

I have banned myself from watching any more of Rob Zombie movies because of how messed up he makes them. But, if your looking for really messed up horror.. watch this movie. 

I loved this movie. Not so scary as interesting,  but it has such an interesting twist!

Such a terrifying movie. I always feel like people are watching me from outside now. 

This movie also terrified me the first time I saw it. It seems like something like this could happen in my lifetime with how humanity is going. 

A zombie movie that will keep you up for days! Lots of blood and gore throughout the movie. 

This picture is exactly why I wanted to see this movie.  It did not disappoint! Such an interesting story and great acting by Daniel Kaluuya.

Film students working on a documentary, have taken interest in the Blair Witch murders. I cannot walk through a wooded area without thinking of this movie.

Psycho (1960)

If you haven't seen this movie,  your mother a true horror fan. I also suggest watching the TV series Bates Motel before watching this movie. It makes it so interesting!

Another oldie but a goodie. The ending of this movie is my favorite. 

Night of the Living Dead (1968)

How can you go wrong with a little zombie horror! I love older horror movies because of their special effects. 

Rosemary's Baby (1968)

Don't watch this if you're an expecting mother.

The Silence of the Lambs

A perfect cannibal classic. I love how well Anthony Hopkins does in this movie. 


This movie is very disturbing and very hard to watch. But it has an interesting story. 

The first one is the best. The rest aren't worth watching. The first time I saw this movie,  I couldn't sleep for a week. 


I've never been more terrified of dolls in my life. Also not fun to watch when you're expecting. 


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