National Candy Corn Day

Everyone knows what candy corn is. I absolutely love it,  but my husband hates it so can be hard to buy a whole bag for myself. It is one of my favorite treats around Halloween time I refuse to eat it any other time of the year. It's just the taste of Halloween for me. 

 National Candy Corn Day is observed annually on October 30th.
I thought it would be fun to give you a little history on candy corn and more it came to be.

Candy Corn was created by George Renninger of Wunderle Candy Company in the late 1800s. He designed candy corn to look like chicken feed. It came out at a time when about half of Americans worked on farms.  Originally, Candy Corn was yellow, orange and white, but it has become popular in other colors as well.

This confection was originally made by hand using corn syrup, sugar, water, marshmallows, fondant and carnauba wax (a wax made from the leaves of a palm tree), but it is now produced using machines.  The original ingredients are still used in the recipe.
I never bothered to look this stuff up but for some reason, this is really interesting to me. It's crazy how long this candy has been around! Do you like candy corn?


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