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Random Facts About Me!

To continue my blog challenge of a post a day every day in October,  I have decided to do a part of random facts about me! Because why not tell the whole internet world about me?

My name ( Serena) means mermaid in Spanish ( or at least that's what they told me growing up) 

I never finished college,  but if I did,  I would have tried to get a degree in Psychology.

I don't like to be like everyone else.

If I could move out of state,  I would move to Port Angeles, Washington. Never been there, it just looks like a beautiful place I could enjoy living. 

Right now my hair is pink. I hope to dye it Green soon. Making my way through the rainbow with hair colors. 

Growing up,  I wanted to be a National Geographic Photographer. 

I moved out with my high school sweetheart for two weeks when I was 18.  my parents thought I was moving in with some girls. It only lasted two weeks because we broke up. And my parents still don't know I lived with a guy.

I am the youngest of 9 siblings. But I don't share the same dad so technically I'm an only child between my two parents. 

4 of those 9 siblings are step-siblings. 

My older brother died of alcoholism when he was 25.  I've officially outlived him by a year. 

I met my best friend Kelsey on their first day of kindergarten. We don't hang out anymore,  but we are facebook friends.. if that counts as still being friends. 

I met my husband on

I have to be early to everything. My husband is always late. I go crazy inside when I'm late.

It's almost impossible for me to say "I'm sorry" to anyone I love and care about,  but I say "I'm sorry" constantly to every stranger I come across.

My favorite place is Lake Powell in Utah/ Arizona. It's the only place I'm not stressed out. 

I have an overbite that can never be fully fixed.  When I smile I have a gap Tuesday I can stick my tongue out of.

I love sports.  I used to play soccer, softball,  a little volleyball, basketball, on a swim team, and cheer drill. Unfortunately, I don't play sports much as an adult. 

I go through an emotional crisis about every other year.  Feeling like I haven't compared much,  or am not doing enough with my life. My life is still exactly the same and I have no way of changing it to stop my frequent emotional crisis. 

I'm always the first to say "I love you" in a relationship. 

I am always extremely late on trends or popular things. I didn't start the walking dead until season 3, I didn't hear Gangnam style until it was out for a year, and I just tried my first High fitness class today! (Oct. 12 2018).

I gag if I think about eating yogurt while I'm eating it. I don't do well with weird textures. 

I took guitar lessons for 3 years and never played in front of anyone except my guitar teacher.. and I even made her play with me so she couldn't just focus on my playing. 

Bell from Beauty and the Beast is my favorite Disney princess. 

I have always wanted to flip a house. But I'm too scared to try.

As a kid,  I was fluent in Spanish.  I don't remember a single word anymore.

I'm only doing this silly "random facts about me" because all other bloggers do it. Lame right?

Hope you learned something interesting about me today! Let me know a little about you!


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