Utah Ghost Stories

I was trying to find some fun ideas to write about and find the idea to post some local ghost stories of my state of Utah. I had no idea about half of these stories. I'm surprised that I've heard a few of these stories from my mom growing up though. I thought she was just making stuff up.  If you haven't looked up local ghost stories about your hometown,  you definitely should check it out!

Disappearing Gravedigger:
One of the first gravediggers in Salt Lake City, Jean Baptiste lived with his wife in a two-bedroom home in town, had few friends, and was punctual. He was, perhaps, unusually well off for a gravedigger—and authorities learned the reason why in 1862. In just three years, Baptiste had robbed the graves of more than 300 people, stripping them of clothing and possessions, and dumping their naked bodies back in the caskets. The police found his home filled with clothing; he'd sold many of the possessions. Baptiste showed up in court wearing a suit a local storekeeper had been buried in. Banished to a remote island in the Great Salt Lake, Baptiste vanished six weeks later. Many say his ghost roams the southern coast of the lake carrying an armful of wet, rotting clothing.

Abandoned Pump House:

There is an old pump house in Benjamin that is known to be haunted. Once used to regulate irrigation to the farmers, legend says there was a tragic accident that killed two workers who were both caught in the machinery. While the electricity has long been disconnected from the pump house, it has been noted that people driving by after dark will often see lights shining through the cracks in the boarded-up windows. Upon closer inspection, voices and music are often heard as well.

Grafton ghost town:
Utah’s most famous ghost town, and setting for several scenes in the movie “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid,” features a private home where witnesses have reported hearing footsteps pacing the floorboards, feeling warm breath in their faces and feeling bursts of air as if someone has just rushed by them.

Haunted Memorial:

A large stone cross, an old memorial built by a man who lost his entire family when they were brutally murdered, sits in the middle of a wooded area of Kay’s Hollow. Over the years there have been reports of people in black cloaks and dog men chasing people away.

Mad Doctor:

The old Lehi Hospital, while no longer standing, was the setting of a rumored grisly murder, the ghostly remains of which were reportedly spotted throughout the years in the form of a nurse hanging from a flagpole, the victim of a doctor gone mad.

Hit and Run:

In the Ogden cemetery, there is a girl named Flo who was once sitting on the curb waiting for her ride. Suddenly she was hit by a car and died. Legend has it that if you drive by her gravestone and blink your car’s headlights three times she will appear first as a green light and then transform into a young girl as she floats toward your car, thinking you are her ride home.

Brigham Young University ghost:

In the reading room of the music section of BYU's Harold B. Lee Library, there have been reports of moaning noises that often sound like voices. The room, too, is always either extremely cold or extremely hot. In another part of the Music Library, the Harp Room, there is a mysterious "ghost chair" that will appear out of nowhere

Weeping Widow:

The Spanish Fork Cemetery is home to a beautifully carved gravestone that is in the shape of a young woman. Known as the Weeping Widow, the woman is crouched down with one arm extended and the other near her face. If you visit the grave after dark it is said that she will actually cry, tears streaming down her face, for her baby. During the day the water stains on her face are clearly visible.

Tooele Haunting:

This Utah town has been the subject for many ghost hunting TV shows, most likely because of the old hospital where it is said the spirits of dead patients still roam the halls. Shadowy figures have been seen crossing in the halls and the ghost of a small girl has been seen in the lobby. The hospital is now a popular Halloween haunted attraction.

I hope these ghost stories have gotten you in the Halloween spirit! 


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