Weird News Roundup

I am not one for politics, so I usually avoid the news as much a possible. I don't need to hear another thing about Trump. But,  on occasion I find a few articles that aren't political,  that I can't help but read. I try to have faith in humanity,  but today's news definately got rid of my faith.. maybe tomorrow people will make better decisions. 

Here is my roundup of weird news of the day. 


Apparently these men from a tobacco company brought their own food,  burlesque girls,  and made a big party on a family cruise ship in Australia. 
First off.. this is kind of hilarious to me.  How do these people just do this? Why would they be so rude to take over a cruise ship? Could they not have just gone to Vegas??
Second, I'm glad people got refunded their money. But I think they need to do more than that. If I went on a cruise,  I'd have to pay for plane tickets to get my family there.. I'd be pissed that i would waste all the money on flights to get to a disastrous cruise. That cruise company needs to get their crap together.

Cheerleader Gave Away Pot Brownies To Win Homecoming Queen Vote

Supposedly Michigan police received an "anonymous" tip that a cheerleader gave out pot brownies in goodie bags to three football team. 
Um.. That girl must be loaded with money if she can just afford to give away edibles.
It's also said they haven't been able to question the cheerleader that is a suspect because she is out of state dealing with a family emergency.
I bet she knows she is in deep crap by now.. I wonder how long it will take her to come back to town. All I can say with this,  is at least she isn't a millennial.. millennials wouldn't do something that stupid!

Houston Officials Block Sex Doll Brothel

The Houston City Council on Wednesday prevented what was billed as the first brothel in the United States equipped with sex dolls from opening in the Texas city.
KinkySdollS is a Toronto based business and planned to open another location in Houston. Customers would be able to buy or rent sex dolls. Renting would entail then paying a fee and using a private room with the doll.. 

KinkySdollS owner plans to sue the city over its decision to block his business. 

Can I just say..
I don't know if I have words.. would someone really rent a sex doll? That sounds extremely unsanitary and gross...

Amazon's hourly workers lose monthly bonuses and stock awards as minimum wage increases

Amazon confirmed in an email to CNBC that the company is getting rid of incentive pay and stock option awards as it increases the minimum wage to $15 per hour. The company, stresses that the wage increase "more than compensates" for the loss in other benefits.

I had to add this last one on.  I hate cheap business.. I get when someone isn't making sufficient funds for their business,  they take away incentives.. but Amazon is more popular than ever. They have everything.  I always buy my whole Christmas list off Amazon because they have great prices and are convenient.. but maybe this year I'll take my money elsewhere. 
Sorry employees of Amazon. it's just going to get worse from here.

That's about all the ridiculous news I can take for one day. I hope you thought the stories were as amazingly stupid as I did. Please comment your thoughts.  I would love to hear from you.


  1. That really is cheap by Amazon! Especially as they pay so little tax. They could afford to pay their workers if they wanted to...

    1. I know, it drives me crazy when companies get bigger and start reading their employees worse


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