What "Must Go" from Life

Some days it's hard to stay positive. I just have so many things that annoy me, I can't help but be a little negative. So I've found that writing down things that have annoyed me recently,  helps get it off my mind and makes me feel better. 

Things that must go

I feel like I hear that word constantly! My kids come to me asking "what are you doing mom?" About 500 times a day. My husband also loves to come home and say "what?" Every time I move.. it drives me crazy and it must go!

My OCD husband can't handle when someone in the house is sick. So it all falls on me. My son has developed a sore throat tonight and guess who gets to deal with it! I don't get the point of sickness anyway.. why do we have to get sick? Why can't we find a way to cure a common cold? Go away from my life sickness!

Knocking on my door
I'm sure people enjoy unannounced visitors... but I hate it. I have two dogs right now,  so any knock on my door and they go nuts,  if my kids are asleep,  they will be woken up from it.. and the only people who come visit is either church people or sales guys. I want nothing to do with either, so I think anyone knocking on my door should go! 

Speeders on the road
I can say I'm a pretty good driver. I'm good about not spending all the time, although I know the roads where there are no cops, so I bend the rules a little on those roads. 
I absolutely hate when I'm driving (over the speed limit) and someone drives their car right up behind mine as close as they can to show me I'm not going fast enough for them. Too many people do that nowadays. It's just old! Stop riding my bumper,  take a breath and realize you don't need to speed even if you are running late! 

Yeah, they can just go far away and never come back. 

I get these like crazy in the winter and I hate it! I could probably take better care of my cuticles and hands but who has to be for that? Just disappear hangnails. Nobody needs you.

Mom Guilt
I'm so tired of the mom guilt I feel sometimes.  I think it just needs to take a hike. No more mom guilt for me. 

What are some things that "must go" from your life? Sometimes it's nice just to get it out. It helps you not think about it as much. And who knows,  putting it out there might actually help it disappear from your life!


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