What Super Power would You Have?

This month I've already watched a ton of horror,  magical, and mythical movies. I love to make the most of the Halloween season by enjoying all the great classic Halloween movies. One, in particular, I see every year is  Hocus Pocus. 

I have watched Hocus Pocus as a kid so it's one of those movies that makes me feel like a kid again to watch. One thing I've always wanted to be is a witch. As a kid, I thought the classic witches were awesome! They had magic and could fly. 
Did you ever have those thoughts of if you had magical powers,  what kind of powers would you want? 

I thought it would be cool to have the power to go invisible when I want. 
Id uses it to sneak into movies, make sure People aren't talking about me behind my back.. ignore my husband when he wants to argue with me.. that should be the most ideal power. 

I also thought Mind Control would be awesome. 
Id just gets a job in sales and just have them buy what I needed to sell. That way it makes lots of money and is able to get what I want. 

Flying would obviously be a great power. I imagine flying at night, over some forest area or a big city to look at all the lights. It would feel so freeing and be so beautiful.  I think if I could do that,  I'd take advantage of the views and take up night photography. 

What kind of powers would you choose to have? 


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