Best stores to shop on Black Friday (online and in-store)

My husband and I like to save as much money as possible for Christmas. This year we have a $900 budget for our family of 4, grandparents gifts, 3 different Christmas party gifts, and a few extended family gifts. So Black Friday is an important time for my family to get the best deals possible. 
I have narrowed down the stores with the best deals this year,  so I know where to look for Christmas gifts. I thought I'd share my findings with those of you looking to save money this Christmas.

The 5 best stores to shop this Black Friday:

J.C. Penneys: This year J.C Penneys is supposed to have some of the best deals out there. You can find great deals on Computers, Phones,  Apparel, Accessories, toys, and furniture.

Amazon: Between their lightning deals,  and early Black Friday deals,  I think Amazon is one of the best places to shop for Black Friday. 

Kohls: Do you have any Kohls cash lying around? You can use it with their black Friday deals! I love buying new Towels,  clothing,  and jewelry from Kohls on Black Friday. They always have nice door busters for pajamas and other clothing as well. 

Walmart: Some of the best Door Buster deals come from Walmart. They always have great deals on gaming systems and TVs if that's what you're in the market for. 

Best Buy: Also a great place for Doorbuster deals. Best Buy is the place to go for electronics this Black Friday. 

We have done black Friday shopping since we started dating, about 7 years ago. It's always going to be a tradition for us to do some sort of Black Friday shopping. This year I think we're just sticking to online shopping though. Much more convenient for us!

Do you shop Black Friday in-store or online? Where are your favorite places to shop?


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