Save the World Everytime you Grocery Shop

Did you have a great Halloween? I sure did.  I'm kind of sad Halloween is already over though.

Something I got into a while back was called Zero Waste. Ever heard of it? 
I didn't until I came across it one day on Facebook

Zero waste is basically a goal to create no food, or plastic waste while living your life. I am nowhere near zero waste, but it's something I always keep in mind to help me reduce my footprint. Why do we need to fill our earth up with plastic that will be around for hundreds of years? 

If you know anything about me,  I'm a lover of nature and animals.  I think a way to show my love for those things, is to be aware of the impact I have on this earth. 

There are a few ways you can cut down on the garbage you produce,  and save you some money!

Reusable paper towels 
Paper towels are kind of expensive, and they aren't necessary.  If you use paper towels often,  consider switching to reusable paper towels,  or rags that you use specifically for moments you would normally use paper towels.
I bought some rags and keep them in an easy place in my kitchen. When they get dirty,  I throw them with my next laundry load. I haven't used paper towels in almost a year!

Reusable grocery bags

These are great to cut down on those plastic grocery bags. They aren't always the most convenient,  but it feels good to make a little different every time you shop. 

Buy in Bulk
I started buying in bulk to cut down on my packaging waste. I used to buy little cups of applesauce,  and snack bags of chips and things. But, when I buy in bulk,  Its a much better value to buy the big packaged foods instead of the individual sizes. I love saving a little money,  and not creating as much waste. 

The best way I've found to reduce my waste and save me money is to avoid things I don't actually need.. like candy, individually packaged snacks, fruits, and veggies in plastic bags.. they usually cost more than the individual fruits and veggies not wrapped. 


Recycling still creates waste in the long run but at least it keeps things out of the garbage for a little longer. I recycle anything I can. You can look up what your ankle to recycle in your recycle bins, or they have places you can take glass jars or plastic bag packaging in your area.

If you have ever felt like you wanted to improve the world,  but don't know where to start.. start working on reducing the garbage you produce!


  1. I love going to the farmer's market with my bag made of my old shirt. The thing with this zero waste is that I can't get my husband to cooperate. For him it's very inconvenient to shop without plastics. Ugghhh..

  2. We have three very large shopping bags that we use when we go shopping, and we've just started recycling. It's such a rewarding feeling, being able to cut back on the trash pileup.

  3. Love this post so much!! So very true. Everyone should read this. Some small steps can make a huge difference!

  4. I’ve have been trying to reduce and reuse things so much. There’s so much liter on the houston freeways and ditches and it just makes me mad. I wish people would be a little more considerate

  5. Great article! I too have bought wash cloths and no longer use paper towels. I have also stopped buying fruit and vegetables that are prepackaged in plastic at the supermarket.

  6. What a great reminder. It amazes me at how many people don't recycle when it's so easy to do.

  7. Yes. Exactly, we have to do more of these things! We're already good on recycling and reusable bags, but we still throw away so much stuff. There's always improvement to strive for!

  8. What a list of awesome tips! That's very true, we should protect our planet by reducing our waste, and doing simple things like using reusable grocery bags or recycle things can be a good start.

  9. This is great! I'm glad I follow a couple of tips here like using reusable grocery bags whenever I'm going for my grocery shopping.

  10. We only go to a supermarket that uses biodegrable plastic bags. When we get home, we use these bags as trash bags. That way, they will rot with the garbage plus we don't have to buy separate trash bags.

  11. it's so scary how much waste there is in the world! Every little bit helps!

  12. I love my reuasablle bags and use them all the time. I'll have to look into those reusable paper towels.

  13. I have heard of zero waste and did not consciously try to do it BUT it seems I already do 3 of these! WooHoo. This is great to know.

  14. The times we are in, its really important for us as individuals take these steps in order to protect the Eco-system. I really like your post and I do personally try to minimize waste as much as possible. Definitely sharing this post with friends and family in hope to spread the goodness.

  15. I really like the suggestions such as reusable paper towels. I never thought about it until now. Thanks


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