Apologize to Your Kids

Being a parent is such a great thing.  Being able to watch these beautiful kids grow up and watching them learn new things. 
There is also very hard things about being a parent. You have this responsibility to these kids to teach them how to be the very best person they can be. How can you create a great person if you aren't always the best?

On top of being a mother and a wife, I also am a sufferer of Depression and Anxiety. My anxiety causes me to have a lot of anger issues. I'm not violent but anxiety makes me yell and say things that I regret. 
Because of these anger issues,  I end up taking my anger out on my family. They are the only ones around all day every day so they have to deal with the worst of me. 
Before I was put on anxiety meds,  I would have these huge anger fits and just get so irate with my son. I would get set off when he would try coming out of his room at bedtime,  or if he was being naughty. I would feel so guilty afterward.  I hated how I would act and how I was treating my son. 
My medication has helped some,  but not to the extent I had hoped. 

After many days of guilt and hating myself,  I started working on apologizing for what I was doing wrong. 
It's taken so much work to get to where I'm at but it makes all the difference in the world when I can admit I am doing something wrong and that my kids need an apology. 

When apologizing, I explain how I'm feeling and why I got so mad or started to yell. I believe it helps my young children understand my side of things,  and it sets an example for them to learn how apologizing is important when you do something wrong. 

I do have a bad habit of not apologizing to my husband... but I'm always right in our arguments so I don't see a need to apologize. 

Do you apologize to your kids? 


  1. I apologise to my child, when I know I'm in the wrong. I too get frustrated and may get angry and lash it out, but we have to remember to be patient with them.


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