Depression Strikes Again

I know I mention this every so often, I suffer from Anxiety and Depression.  I have my whole life. 
I finally got myself on medication a couple years ago which has helped some. 

Although I'm on meds to help me deal with these mental illnesses,  they don't always work. 

Today has definitely been an example of that. From an outsider's perspective, I've had a pretty good day. 
I spent a few hours with a couple of my neighbor friends. My kids somewhat behaved today,  and I had no dog potty accidents ( being a dog foster, it's very common to have some kind of accident happen).
I count myself pretty lucky that I had a good simple day today..  but of course, depression loves to stick it's big head out and make sure I don't have too good of a day. 
I tried fighting it, but sometimes depression just wins.  

I know tomorrow will be better. Just a good night's sleep and some extra hard work to get some positive thoughts in my head will really help.  

But for now,  I will enjoy a giant bowl of chocolate ice cream and think about all the things that went well for me today. 

1. Slept in until 7:30
2. Visit with friends
3. Had a nap today
4. My boy told me he loves me
5. My daughter danced to Christmas music 
6. Kisses from both of my kids
7. Chocolate ice cream 

I'm starting to feel a little better already.

Do you have any practices that help you get out of the Depression funk? Or do you just let it take over for a bit? Sometimes I can fight it off, other times I just let it happen.  I feel like someone's I just need to deal with the depression.  Let it happen and try to move on the next day.


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