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My Favorite Finds of 2018

2018 is coming to a close. I cannot believe how fast this year has gone by.  2018 brought many fun things to my life.  For 2018 I made a goal to get out of my comfort zone,  to be a better parent, and to find more hobbies that interest me.  I did a pretty good job with all of these parts of my life. I started this blog which is really out of my comfort zone.  I've also been able to make a few new friends which are a miracle for me.  
I worked on how I talk to my kids.  Apologizing to them more often when I do something wrong,  and making sure I tell them I love them as often as I can. 
And as for the new hobbies, I've started a few.  I count my blog as a hobby since it's not really a money maker right now,  and I love writing for it.  

I've found a bunch of things that have improved my life in some way or another and I want to share them with you.  Maybe you might find something new you haven't tried or something that can improve your life in 2019! 

Perfectly fitted shapewear from Montelle Intimates
I've had two kids and no time for the gym. As you can imagine,  shapewear saves my life.  It gives me the confidence to wear that tight dress that I love so much. 

Classes from CreativeLive
I call myself a photographer,  but I always have room for improvement. I love CreativeLive because they offer a wide variety of Photography,  Arts,  Music, Business,  and Lifestyle classes.  If you want to learn something,  you can find it there.

Turnaroundis a program to help your child with anxiety issues.
My husband and I both suffer from anxiety.  Unfortunately,  my oldest has bad anxiety about everything. I've just recently started given my child using Turnaround but it has already made an impact on him.  I can see his anxiety getting better and it's such a relief to know I afun feeling my child cope better in life.

Kasina Mind Media System
The Kasina is a tool that creates a journey into relaxation, rest and reset of the central nervous system, the cardiovascular system, and the respiratory system of the body. These transformations in the body’s autonomic nervous system are created by the cornucopia combination of tones, music and nature sounds and visually captivated by the stunning light show accompaniment of the programs.

Gymboree dresses 
My little girl is obsessed with dresses.  She refuses to put on a pair of pants.  So I have to buy dresses that can handle being worn and washed often. My go to is always Gymboree. All the cute dresses I buy have held up so well.

This is a website where you can get games for ANY occasion.  I needed a game for my dad's big 60th party. We had a big mix of work friends and family so we needed a good Ice Breaker game.  It worked great and was a hit. If you need a fun game for an upcoming party,  check this site out!

I found this when I needed some movies for a road trip I was taking my kids on. I was able to download some fun movies that entertained my kids while we were driving. This is a lifesaver for anyone who travels often,  by themselves or with kids. 

I just started getting into Cricut. I'm a DIY'er so I love to be able to make vinyl stickers, and cut wood for home decor projects.  This machine is awesome! 

Mr. Rebates
I am all about saving money. 
I found recently and have already started saving money when I shopped for Christmas! Here are a few other ways I save money as well.

I'm kind of obsessed with Spanx Jean-ish leggings.  They always make my ass look fantastic. So they have to be on the list.

What are some of your favorite things you have discovered in 2018? 


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