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Celebrating our 6 Year Wedding Anniversary

6 years ago I was preparing to marry my (now) husband. 
In Utah where we live,  marriage is obviously a big thing,  but we don't spend hundreds of thousands on our weddings. 
I think my wedding cost us in total under $10,000 and it was everything I wanted for my wedding. 

I'm one to remember every little detail of big events in my life.  On my wedding day,  I could probably tell you every little detail of what I did that day,  what I thought about, etc. 
I wish I could have more days that felt like my wedding day.  The excitement, the attention, feeling so beautiful.  
I will always have fond memories of my wedding day and although nothing turned out perfect,  I'm glad I got to experience it.  

My husband has been married once before so his parents had already spent the money on a wedding.  
We didn't want to ask them to do that again so we covered most of the costs ourselves, with help from my dad.  

The venue was unique and fun.  
I found a garden store called Cactus and Tropicals that also does weddings in their store. Sounds weird right? It was actually really awesome.  Plants were everywhere,  they had walkways throughout the store that was just surrounded by tropical plants.  The best part was,  we didn't need to buy many flowers because of all the plants

We chose not to have dinner.  We only provided dessert for our guests. You would think that would be cheaper than buying dinner.. but it's not really.  We went through Cold Stone Creamery and the 2 bites of ice cream I got were so delicious! If only I had a chance to eat a little more of that delicious food that we were paying for. 

My favorite memories of my wedding. 

Like I mentioned, we tried hiding out.  For our wedding,  we didn't have a traditional line where we stand there for our guests to come to congratulate us at the reception. So everyone kept tracking us down to talk to us which made things a little crazy.  Especially for us because we're both don't like talking to people all that much. So as soon as our caterer came out with the dessert,  we grabbed some and tried to find a hidden corner among the tropical trees.  We were able to sit for about 1 minute before someone found us.  But that 1 minute was bliss for both of us.  

My wedding dress. I wish I could have worn that wedding dress another time because I just loved it so much.  
I found out after our honeymoon that my 7-year-old niece nearly threw up on me as I was walking down the aisle.  Right after I passed her row, she jumps out of her chair holding her mouth and running toward the bathroom.  Poor girl. I think we have it on video too which I'm really hoping we do.  It's kind of a great wedding story.  

My mom surprised me with a spot in my sign in book, signed by my brother Steve who had passed away a few years earlier.  
My other brother Seth got married about 6 months before my brother Steve passed away.  And in my brother's sign in book, Steve signed his name in a bunch of places to be funny.  My mom got one of those from seths sign-in book and put it in mine.  I saw it right before leaving for the night with my new husband.  It made me cry for like an hour! 

They are so many other fun stories of that night, and just thinking about it makes me smile.  Do you have any fun stories from your wedding day?

This anniversary we are getting a babysitter for the day From to go out to the movies,  and have a nice dinner.  Come home and play video games as we used to in the good old days. 

When a wedding anniversary comes around, I think It is so important to celebrate it in some way. 
 No matter what is going on in your relationship.  

It's a beautiful life event that both you and your spouse choose to have together.  It's what made you a family. 
I feel like my hubby and I have hit a few rough patches recently,  but when he and I reminisce about the wedding,  and how we tried to hide out from everyone for 5 minutes to eat a bite of ice cream, it both makes us smile.  It takes away our annoyances with each other and helps us remember what it used to be like way back when. 


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