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Stay at Home Mom With The Flu

Have you ever gotten sick when you're the main caretaker of your kids? It is not fun. In the 4 years, I've been a mom,  I've gotten pretty lucky with sicknesses. The only time I had the flu was on a weekend when my husband was home to handle things for me.  But,  this year I was not so lucky.   
A couple of weeks ago, my son brought home the flu from preschool,  or church,  or some random thing he touched in public... so I had to take care of that poor kid for a few days,  while my husband tried to avoid us all as much as possible (OCD problems). 
Then, of course, a couple days later, my poor little 2 years old caught the flu from him.  
And so on..
Now I'm finally recovering from the flu.. being a stay at home mom with the flu is one of the worst things to experience. 
Being completely unable to move, and have two kids under the age of 5 that need to be taken care of is a nightmare.
If you ever find yourself in this situation and don't have anyone to help you out, I have a few suggestions that will help you. 

1. Move everything in arms reach:
I forgot to get diapers and wipes for my youngest and of course needed then right after my husband left for work.. luckily my older son is a good helper and brought a bunch of diapers and wipes for me so I didn't even have to leave the couch.  
When they were hungry at snack time,  they got to eat whatever they could reach. for them, it ended up being cereal and crackers

2. Order in:
I wish I would have thought of ordering In for lunch,  but I just threw some corn dogs in the microwave which was easy enough. 
I could not move enough to cook dinner,  and I didn't want to cook anyway because I didn't want to spread germs... so I had the husband pick up some fast food for the kids on his way home from work.  
Thank goodness for fast food!

3. TV with no guilt:
When your sick,  you can hardly do anything. I think that gives you a good excuse for letting the TV run all day long.  It saved me from doing anything and I'm grateful for that. 

4. Nap time is the best:
Take advantage of nap time. It doesn't need to be on any kind of schedule,  but if you can get your kids to have a safe quiet time while you sleep for a while,  it will make a world of difference to your day.

When it comes to being sick, I say throw all the rules out the window and do what you need to,  so you can survive the day.  Especially if it's just you fending for yourself while taking care of kids. 


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