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It's OK To Not Feel Fulfilled as a Mother

Something I absolutely love about this day and age is that everyone is starting to be more honest and open about mental illness,  and trying to live the best life possible. There is still one problem that mothers have to hide.  They aren't allowed to admit they may not be fulfilled as a mother.   I am a mother of two.  I love them and would do anything for them, but I don't feel like I'm enough as just being a mother.   Being a mom is so hard,  it's all consuming and it's tough work. But I still don't feel like that is all I am.  I have this hole inside me
that tells me there is something else I need in my life.  When admitting that,  most moms look at me like I'm a terrible person.  That I shouldn't be feeling that way,  and it makes me feel even worse.  But I've accepted that this is just who I am.  Not all moms feel this way,  and that's great for them.  But for us moms that still don't feel fulfilled shouldn't be judged,  or made t…

What to Look For When Buying a Used Car

A while back, my husband and I had to get rid of one of our leased vehicles and get a cheaper monthly payment on a vehicle.  We were able to break our lease with no fee because of a special they had to go at the time.
Buying a new vehicle is always an exciting thing for me. I love changing it up and getting something new.  We decided because of where we live,  we should get a car with all-wheel drive that wasn't too bad of gas mileage.   We set our sites on a Subaru. I've always wanted one, and they are geat all-wheel-drive vehicles.   The dealer we went to was a Jeep Dealership,  and they luckily had one used Subaru in stock. It was Silver,  and not too many miles so it was an easy sell for me.  Unfortunately,  we were so ready to just get a car, we didn't think to check out every little thing to make sure it all worked properly before buying.  We bought that Subaru and headed on our way.   It wasn't until a rainstorm hit a month later,  that our back windshield wipe…