About Me

I would like to introduce myself a little

My name is Serena. I have lived with depression and anxiety all my life. When I became a mother,  my anxiety and depression worsened. I started taking prescription after prescription but nothing really helped. I thought that the prescriptions were going to just fix everything and I'd get back to normal. But of course, that's not how it works.
A year of working on myself and my bad habits, and I'm finally happier than I've ever been. I wanted to start a blog to connect with others that may be going through depression or anxiety. Or those who are looking for help with OCD.

I have a great knowledge of psychology. I love learning about the Human mind and what makes us the way we are.
Most of my articles talk about mental health,
 reviews, and my life with my OCD husband.

 I enjoy dog fostering. That is where I work with a local dog rescue group that saves dogs from high kill shelters. The rescue dog stays in my home until it gets adopted. I love doing it and knowing I'm saving the dog's life and they get to be adopted into a new great home where they can live for the rest of their days.

I'm a photographer occasionally. I have been running my own business as a photographer for a few years but haven't had a lot of time to keep up with it because I'm busy with my kids.  One day I plan to get back into it and get my business going again.

I'm also really into Halloween.  My husband and I like to go all out on Halloween and have big displays for the trick or treaters to see.

I'd love to hear from my readers. Tell me what hobbies you're into. I'd love to have conversations with you,  so please leave comments or message me!

I love to keep my blog free to help others get the information they need. But to keep it going, I have to make a little money on the side. Please click on my ads to help me out. no purchase necessary!

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